36th IPHO 2005

Country resultsIndividual results

Contestant Country Rank Award Theoretical Experimental Total
Gábor Halász Hungary 1 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ying-Hsuan Lin Taiwan 1 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Han-Hsuan Lin Taiwan 3 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ruslan Akhunzyanov Russia 4 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mingjie Dai People's Republic of China 5 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Hanhan Li People's Republic of China 6 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andika Putra Indonesia 7 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Evgeny Mozgunov Russia 8 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Azar Eyvazov Azerbaijan 9 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Roshan Tovrani Islamic Republic of Iran 10 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Péter Kómár Hungary 11 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Piyush Srivastava India 12 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Anton Repko Slovakia 13 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Igor Gotlibovych Germany 14 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yuriy Skvortsov Ukraine 15 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ashkan Jafar Poor Koujahi Islamic Republic of Iran 16 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yi-Hong Kuo Taiwan 17 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ali Sucipto T Indonesia 18 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andrei Anghel Romania 19 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Hao-Yu Wu Taiwan 20 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yi-Hsuan Lin Taiwan 21 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
An Li People's Republic of China 22 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Emrah Turgut Turkey 23 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ang Jian Peng Singapore 24 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pakpong Chirarattananon Thailand 25 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Christian Hofstadler Austria 26 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Péter Kiss Hungary 27 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Koh Chan Swee Singapore 28 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Phuong Dung Nguyen Thi Vietnam 29 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Eric Mecklenburg United States of America 30 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Lok Man Tsui Hong Kong 31 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Aphiwat Kriengwattanakul Thailand 32 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Se Woong Lim Republic of Korea 33 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Sameer Madan India 34 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mykola Dedushenko Ukraine 35 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ng Wei Xiang Jonathan Singapore 36 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jianglei Yu People's Republic of China 37 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Beum Seok Shim Republic of Korea 38 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ivan Gushchin Russia 39 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Menyoung Lee United States of America 40 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Wujie Huang People's Republic of China 41 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Casey Handmer Australia 42 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Cristian Proistosescu Romania 43 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ivan Erofeev Russia 44 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Teodor Mihai Moldovan Romania 45 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mehmet Akif Çetinkaya Turkey 46 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Franco Julio Mangiarotti Argentina 47 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ronnachai Jaroensri Thailand 48 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tejaswi Venumadhav Nerella India 49 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Vudtiwat Ngampruetikorn Thailand 50 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Daulet Askarov Kazakhstan 51 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Seyed Ahmadreza Hosseini Islamic Republic of Iran 52 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Oleksandr Lyashchenko Ukraine 53 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Sieciech Czajka Poland 54 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Si Chien Van Vietnam 55 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andrei Constantin Romania 56 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bogdan Stoica Romania 57 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Luka Trifunovic Serbia and Montenegro 58 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Timothy Credo United States of America 59 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jakub Zavodny Slovakia 60 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Minh Hai Nguyen Vietnam 61 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mehmet Doğan Turkey 62 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Torsten Karzig Germany 63 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andrew Gilewsky Belarus 64 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pavel Motloch Czech Republic 65 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Hema Chandra Prakash Movva India 66 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yury Fedotov Russia 67 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
David Yang Australia 68 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nickolas Fortino United States of America 69 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ka Hei Kolen Cheung Hong Kong 70 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Rosen Matev Bulgaria 71 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ricardo Martín-Brualla Spain 72 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Purnawirman Indonesia 73 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Vladimir Bychkov Kazakhstan 74 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jian Wu United Kingdom 75 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Hong Seop Choi Republic of Korea 76 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Erik Panzer Germany 77 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Petchara Pattarakijwanich Thailand 78 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ali Shahad Islamic Republic of Iran 79 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Siyoun Sung Republic of Korea 80 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Akhmed Saidaliyev Kazakhstan 81 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Kastytis Zubovas Lithuania 82 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Elnur Hajiyev Azerbaijan 83 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
András Gyenis Hungary 84 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Li Hongyi Singapore 85 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Alexander Zhang Australia 86 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Michael Shalyt Israel 87 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Sivan Ginzburg Israel 88 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Najmaddin Najafov Azerbaijan 89 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Vladimir Vanovschi Moldova 90 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
José Mário Silva Filho Brazil 91 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ognjen Ilic Serbia and Montenegro 92 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Kai Tsun Johnson Lai Hong Kong 93 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Seyed Peiman Nezam Abadi Islamic Republic of Iran 94 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Wa Wing Cheng Hong Kong 95 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Wong Da Wei Singapore 96 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jevgenij Chmeliov Lithuania 97 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tigran Nazaryan Armenia 98 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Quang Huy Nguyen Vietnam 99 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yevgeniy Zagayevskiy Kazakhstan 100 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andrew Crosby United Kingdom 101 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ahmet Demir Turkey 102 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Arjun Radhakrishna India 103 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Leonid Pogorelyuk Israel 104 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Aleksandr Pereverzev Georgia 105 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Antonio Majdandžić Croatia 106 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Daniele Fognini Italy 107 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Svilen Iskrov Bulgaria 108 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Vitaliy Lykhachov Ukraine 109 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nikolay Zhelev Bulgaria 110 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Philippe Bouafia France 111 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Martin David France 112 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Daniel Whalen United States of America 113 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Matija Vidmar Slovenia 114 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Eugeniu Plamadeala Moldova 115 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jungkyu Cho Republic of Korea 116 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Kornel Maczynski Poland 117 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dániel Varjas Hungary 118 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Otgonbaatar Myagmar Mongolia 119 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mariano Marziali Bermúdez Argentina 120 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Luca Barbieri Italy 121 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Siim Ainsaar Estonia 122 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Thibaut Kirchner France 123 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Antony Lee France 124 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Lim Chun Pin Malaysia 125 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
José Diogo Magalhaes Rio Fernándes Portugal 126 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Rachel Effeney Australia 127 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Carlos Pardo Martín Spain 128 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ario Prabowo Indonesia 129 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mekan Arazmedov Turkmenistan 130 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Thomas Metivier France 131 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Damjan Pelc Croatia 132 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Michael Adrian Indonesia 133 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Alexandr Volosciuc Moldova 134 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Kanstantsin Sakharchuk Belarus 135 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Filip Kos Croatia 136 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Petr Houštěk Czech Republic 137 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Almong Yalinewitz Israel 138 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Namiq Hasanov Azerbaijan 139 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Sultan Imenov Kyrgyzstan 140 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Marcin Grzybowski Poland 141 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Daniel Bozik Slovakia 142 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Stefano Attanasio Italy 143 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jan Lalinsky Slovakia 144 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Timothy Lee United Kingdom 145 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tom Molomby Australia 146 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Falk Tandetzky Germany 147 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Petr Morávek Czech Republic 148 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Christopher Young United Kingdom 149 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Aroldo Hernandez Armas Cuba 150 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Islam Hydyrov Turkmenistan 151 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Juan Manuel Lorenzi Argentina 152 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Angelo Russomanno Italy 153 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tim Wai Yeung Hong Kong 154 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Maksim Hlod Belarus 155 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Eduardo Manuel Dias Portugal 156 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Matus Tejiscak Slovakia 157 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Boris Harutyunyan Armenia 158 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Marko Popovic Croatia 159 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Akram Miriyev Azerbaijan 160 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Stefan Hierz Austria 161 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dzianis Khmialniuk Belarus 162 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Aleksandr Morozenko Estonia 163 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ivan Zhivkov Dimitrov Canada 164 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Maksim Jeskevic Lithuania 165 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Audrūnas Gruslys Lithuania 166 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yakiv Grudtsyn Ukraine 167 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nuwan Ganganath Sri Lanka 168 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Valery Belayev Israel 169 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Krzysztof Niemkiewicz Poland 170 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Juan Pablo Isaza Aristizabal Colombia 171 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Brett Joseph Teeple Canada 172 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yslam Orazov Turkmenistan 173 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andrei Polaz Belarus 174 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Sergio Castellanos Bolivia 175 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Michael McBreen Canada 176 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Federico Bonetti Italy 177 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Otgonbaatar Uuganbayar Mongolia 178 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Sander Kupers Netherlands 179 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nikolay Hadzhiev Bulgaria 180 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Alen Karabegovic Croatia 181 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Denis Brojan Slovenia 182 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Heleodoro Aaron Alexandre Brazil 183 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Eleni Vryonidou Cyprus 184 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Holger Haas Estonia 185 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Borja Sanz Martín Spain 186 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yermek Kaipov Kazakhstan 187 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mattias Linnap Estonia 188 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Simon Viel Canada 189 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Oscar Bennett United Kingdom 190 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pavel Kučera Czech Republic 191 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Matti Åstrand Finland 192 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Chia Ling Chew Malaysia 193 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nabeel Rehman Shami Pakistan 194 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dashdavaa Khureltulga Mongolia 195 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mikko Ervasti Finland 196 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dejan Rozgic Serbia and Montenegro 197 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Sergej Markosyan Armenia 198 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Iñigo Barbed Martín Spain 199 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Georgios Skolianos Greece 200 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Arno Tripolt Austria 201 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dawood Tariq Pakistan 202 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yoany Rodriguez Hernandez Cuba 203 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gayan Jayasumana Sri Lanka 204 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Petr Čermák Czech Republic 205 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Denis Golež Slovenia 206 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Eziz Allaberdiyev Turkmenistan 207 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Alexandros Manolakos Greece 208 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pascal Steger Switzerland 209 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Daniel Müller Switzerland 210 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Veaceslav Abetkin Moldova 211 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Daniel Muñoz Alvarez Colombia 212 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andria Agadjanov Georgia 213 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andrius Štikonas Lithuania 214 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Thessa Fokkema Netherlands 215 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Matjaž Gomilšek Slovenia 216 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
André Fernando de Castro da Silva Brazil 217 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Aram Kostanyan Armenia 218 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
David Oehri Liechtenstein 219 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Javier Infante Bustelo Spain 220 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Kraen Vodder Nielsen Denmark 221 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Asar Hage-Ali Germany 222 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Uriel Alberto Diaz Reynoso Mexico 223 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Eriberto Antonio Roveri Argentina 224 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Goran Lazarevski North Macedonia 225 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dmitri Derkach Estonia 226 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Georgi Gerganov Bulgaria 227 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ton van den Bremer Netherlands 228 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ady Abdelhaq Ireland 229 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Einar Búi Magnússon Iceland 230 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ho Teck Hsien Malaysia 231 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Emir Ćesović Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥232 __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Milan Babić Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥232 __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Adnan Mehonić Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥232 __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jasmin Saletović Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥232 __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Emir Hadžiahmetović Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥232 __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__

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