26th IPHO 1995

Country resultsIndividual results

Yu Haitao People's Republic of China 1 Gold Medal
Rhiju Das United States of America 2 Gold Medal
Reimar Finken Germany 3 Gold Medal
Mao Wei People's Republic of China 4 Gold Medal
Ni Bin People's Republic of China 5 Gold Medal
Dinh Sy Quang Vietnam 6 Gold Medal
Xie Xiaolin People's Republic of China 7 Gold Medal
Yaser Kerachian Islamic Republic of Iran 8 Gold Medal
Dezső Varga Hungary 9 Gold Medal
Carsten Geckeler Germany 10 Gold Medal
Paul Joseph Lujan United States of America 11 Gold Medal
Ho Joong Kwak Republic of Korea 12 Gold Medal
Benjamin Rahn United States of America 13 Gold Medal
Jiang Zhi People's Republic of China 14 Gold Medal
Latchezar Dobrev Bulgaria 15 Gold Medal
Alireza Khalili Islamic Republic of Iran 16 Gold Medal
Sergei Sibiriakov Russia 17 Gold Medal
Salih Adem Turkey 18 Gold Medal
Alan F. R. Bain United Kingdom 19 Gold Medal
Richard J. Davies United Kingdom 20 Gold Medal
Vetzigian Kalin Bulgaria 21 Gold Medal
Artem Saveliev Russia 22 Gold Medal
Davide Gaiotto Italy 23 Gold Medal
Erik Kieft Netherlands 24 Gold Medal
Sang-Joon Pahk United States of America 25 Gold Medal
Decebal Gabriel Latcu Romania 26 Silver Medal
Arend Bayer Germany 27 Silver Medal
Parisa Fallahi Marvast Islamic Republic of Iran 28 Silver Medal
Vahid Shahrezaei Islamic Republic of Iran 29 Silver Medal
Mihai Ibănescu Romania 30 Silver Medal
Nguyen Xuan Son Vietnam 31 Silver Medal
Andrew Archibald Canada 32 Silver Medal
Taras Khmil Ukraine 33 Silver Medal
Peter Macak Slovakia 34 Silver Medal
Mark Hamilton Germany 35 Silver Medal
Fatih Memiş Turkey 36 Silver Medal
Daniel Phillips United States of America 37 Silver Medal
Teguh Budimulia Indonesia 38 Silver Medal
Dimitry Levinson Israel 39 Silver Medal
Cheol-Hwan Park Republic of Korea 40 Silver Medal
Cristina Cristian Romania 41 Silver Medal
Amirhosein Pourmousa Islamic Republic of Iran 42 Silver Medal
Alexander Shushkov Australia 43 Silver Medal
Tiam Hock Tay Singapore 44 Silver Medal
Chin-Wen Chou Taiwan 45 Silver Medal
Aleksandr Kuznetsov Russia 46 Silver Medal
Hong-Lak Lee Republic of Korea 47 Silver Medal
Jean-Marc Valin Canada 48 Silver Medal
Ilia Zelenski Russia 49 Silver Medal
Erez Berg Israel 50 Silver Medal
Péter Horváth Hungary 51 Silver Medal
Ngo Anh Duc Vietnam 52 Silver Medal
Van Duc Vo Vietnam 53 Silver Medal
Alexander Von Brasch Australia 54 Silver Medal
Tran The Trung Vietnam 55 Bronze Medal
Tim Ceyssens Belgium 56 Bronze Medal
Cher Chuen Joseph Gan Singapore 57 Bronze Medal
Yu-Ju Lin Taiwan 58 Bronze Medal
Stefano Luin Italy 59 Bronze Medal
Antony Searle Australia 60 Bronze Medal
Jaak Suurpere Estonia 61 Bronze Medal
Christopher D. Webb United Kingdom 62 Bronze Medal
Andriy Zhyglo Ukraine 63 Bronze Medal
Mehmet Fatih Yanık Turkey 64 Bronze Medal
Jan Benedikt Czech Republic 65 Bronze Medal
Evgeni Kachmenskii Russia 66 Bronze Medal
Genadii Kasyan Ukraine 67 Bronze Medal
Krisztián Kovács Hungary 68 Bronze Medal
Thomas A. Down United Kingdom 69 Bronze Medal
Valter Kiisk Estonia 70 Bronze Medal
Marcus Lang Austria 71 Bronze Medal
Daniel Ciprian Preda Romania 72 Bronze Medal
Dmitri Egorov Ukraine 73 Bronze Medal
Michal Fabinger Czech Republic 74 Bronze Medal
Toby Hudson Australia 75 Bronze Medal
David Lutrell Australia 76 Bronze Medal
Tibor Németh Hungary 77 Bronze Medal
Agus Bani Abdillah Indonesia 78 Bronze Medal
Christopher A. Blake United Kingdom 79 Bronze Medal
Guy Bensky Israel 80 Bronze Medal
Dalibor Blazek Slovakia 81 Bronze Medal
Martin Klanjšek Slovenia 82 Bronze Medal
Jindřich Kolorenč Czech Republic 83 Bronze Medal
Peter Pickl Germany 84 Bronze Medal
Bevan Juan Cresswell New Zealand 85 Bronze Medal
Nuh Gedik Turkey 86 Bronze Medal
Tomislav Kapustic Croatia 87 Bronze Medal
Gunnlaugur Thor Briem Iceland 88 Bronze Medal
Jonathan Devor Israel 89 Bronze Medal
Artur Gawryszczak Poland 90 Bronze Medal
Ahmet Ali Yanık Turkey 91 Bronze Medal
Marko Djordjevic Yugoslavia 92 Bronze Medal
Wolfgang Gatterbauer Austria 93 Bronze Medal
Dong-Hyun Lee Republic of Korea 94 Bronze Medal
Danielis Rutkauskas Lithuania 95 Bronze Medal
János Zoltán Szabó Hungary 96 Bronze Medal
Alexandru Radu Miron Romania 97 Bronze Medal
Michal Beneš Czech Republic 98 Honourable Mention
Per Emil Rutquist Sweden 99 Honourable Mention
Andrei Barabonkov Bulgaria 100 Honourable Mention
Karl Mattias Sandberg Sweden 101 Honourable Mention
Yossi Farjoun Israel 102 Honourable Mention
Herry Indonesia 103 Honourable Mention
Astrid de Wijn Netherlands 104 Honourable Mention
Young-Il Joe Republic of Korea 105 Honourable Mention
Kai-Yang Lin Taiwan 106 Honourable Mention
Luigi Cantini Italy 107 Honourable Mention
Huo-Hsien Chiang Taiwan 108 Honourable Mention
Timothy Raymond Evans New Zealand 109 Honourable Mention
Tore August Kro Norway 110 Honourable Mention
Martin Pal Slovakia 111 Honourable Mention
Martin Plesch Slovakia 112 Honourable Mention
Per Samuel Rydh Sweden 113 Honourable Mention
Maksim Sakki Estonia 114 Honourable Mention
Jarosław Simiński Poland 115 Honourable Mention
Adonis Antoniades Cyprus 116 Honourable Mention
Wing Tat James Leong Singapore 117 Honourable Mention
Fernando Luis Mendez Argentina 118 Honourable Mention
Viktor Vikhrov Moldova 119 Honourable Mention
Leo Von Wyss Switzerland 120 Honourable Mention
I Putu Adiartha Indonesia 121 Honourable Mention
David Cooke Canada 122 Honourable Mention
Radek Erban Czech Republic 123 Honourable Mention
Tomas Juknevicius Lithuania 124 Honourable Mention
Rudy Raymond Harry Putra Indonesia 125 Honourable Mention
Boris Grbic Yugoslavia 126 Honourable Mention
Mikko Artturi Palmroth Finland 127 Honourable Mention
Ming-Shr Lin Taiwan 128 Honourable Mention
Matteo Toschi Italy 129 Honourable Mention
Eugen Vujic Croatia 130 Honourable Mention
Valentin Zhigulin Ukraine 131 Honourable Mention
Evgenia Daikova Bulgaria 132 Honourable Mention
Stefano Ritter Switzerland 133 Honourable Mention
Jeroen Wijnhout Netherlands 134 Honourable Mention
Stefan Dorner Austria 135 Honourable Mention
Edward Goerlich Poland 136 Honourable Mention
Jukka Zitting Finland 137 Honourable Mention
Jan Willem Knopper Netherlands 138 Honourable Mention
Andrew Lim Canada 139 Honourable Mention
Alexei Poliukh Belarus 140 Honourable Mention
Jakub Strzałkowski Poland 141 Honourable Mention
Igor Varaxa Belarus 142 Honourable Mention
Tamas Varga Slovakia 143 Honourable Mention
Oddmar Rune Eiksund Norway 144 Honourable Mention
Sašo Pukšič Slovenia 145 Honourable Mention
Petros Christopoulos Greece 146 Honourable Mention
Selwyn Scharnhorst Singapore 147 Honourable Mention
Mika Sillanpaa Finland 148 Honourable Mention
Miodrag Sremcevic Yugoslavia 149 Honourable Mention
Philippe Teuwen Belgium 150 Honourable Mention
Andreas Veithen Belgium 151 Honourable Mention
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