27th IPHO 1996

Country resultsIndividual results

Yurun Liu People's Republic of China 1 Gold Medal
Rui Zhang People's Republic of China 2 Gold Medal
Arend Bayer Germany 3 Gold Medal
Kaiwen Xu People's Republic of China 4 Gold Medal
Christopher Michael Hirata United States of America 5 Gold Medal
Cheng-Kuang Huang Taiwan 6 Gold Medal
Yaroslav Tserkovnyak Ukraine 7 Gold Medal
Huigang Chen People's Republic of China 8 Gold Medal
Zheng Ni People's Republic of China 9 Gold Medal
Daniel Ciprian Preda Romania 10 Gold Medal
Tsai-Wen Chen Taiwan 11 Gold Medal
Dimitri Vassiliev Russia 12 Gold Medal
Mihai Ibănescu Romania 13 Gold Medal
Young-Il Joe Republic of Korea 14 Gold Medal
Tran The Trung Vietnam 15 Gold Medal
Ari Turner United States of America 16 Gold Medal
Pavlin Savov Bulgaria 17 Gold Medal
Sang-Joon Pahk United States of America 18 Gold Medal
Sina Valadkhan Islamic Republic of Iran 19 Gold Medal
Bogdan Andrei Bernevig Romania 20 Gold Medal
Niyayesh Afshordi Islamic Republic of Iran 21 Silver Medal
Nguyen Xuan Son Vietnam 22 Silver Medal
Evgeni Tarasov Russia 23 Silver Medal
Latchezar Dobrev Bulgaria 24 Silver Medal
Peter Svrcek Slovakia 25 Silver Medal
Klemen Žagar Slovenia 26 Silver Medal
Vladimir Milisine Russia 27 Silver Medal
Nguyen Duc Trung Kien Vietnam 28 Silver Medal
Wai Kit Koh Singapore 29 Silver Medal
Liviu Bozga Romania 30 Silver Medal
Pavel Ivanov Russia 31 Silver Medal
Kaveh Khodjasteh Lakelayeh Islamic Republic of Iran 32 Silver Medal
Farzin Habib Beigi Islamic Republic of Iran 33 Silver Medal
Paweł Zin Poland 34 Silver Medal
Daniel Král Czech Republic 35 Silver Medal
Ivan Koznatcheev Belarus 36 Silver Medal
Vito Iacovino Italy 37 Silver Medal
Valentin Zhigulin Ukraine 38 Silver Medal
Nguyen Quang Hung Vietnam 39 Silver Medal
Márton Perényi Hungary 40 Silver Medal
Luigi Cantini Italy 41 Silver Medal
Gábor Zsolt Tóth Hungary 42 Silver Medal
Yu-Jiu Wang Taiwan 43 Silver Medal
Ali Farhang Mehr Islamic Republic of Iran 44 Silver Medal
Ming-Shr Lin Taiwan 45 Silver Medal
Ben Toner Australia 46 Bronze Medal
Andriy Zhyglo Ukraine 47 Bronze Medal
Andrew A. Houck United States of America 48 Bronze Medal
Miha Vuk Slovenia 49 Bronze Medal
Marco Gualtieri Canada 50 Bronze Medal
Robert Jones United Kingdom 51 Bronze Medal
Marcin Sawicki Poland 52 Bronze Medal
Mark Hamilton Germany 53 Bronze Medal
Pham Duc Son Vietnam 54 Bronze Medal
Keum-Dong Jung Republic of Korea 55 Bronze Medal
Wahyu Setyawan Indonesia 56 Bronze Medal
Jarosław Simiński Poland 57 Bronze Medal
Marcus Lang Austria 58 Bronze Medal
Ho-Lin Chen Taiwan 59 Bronze Medal
Jae-Woo Choi Republic of Korea 60 Bronze Medal
Norbert Schuch Germany 61 Bronze Medal
Martin Plesch Slovakia 62 Bronze Medal
Julian Vanne Belarus 63 Bronze Medal
Sorin Tănase-Nicola Romania 64 Bronze Medal
Doo-San Paik Republic of Korea 65 Bronze Medal
Evgeni Fomine Russia 66 Bronze Medal
Rezső Lovas Hungary 67 Bronze Medal
Roman Schmied Switzerland 68 Bronze Medal
Ghee Hwee Lai Singapore 69 Bronze Medal
Vladimir Makarenko Belarus 70 Bronze Medal
Martin Stapleton United Kingdom 71 Bronze Medal
Boaz Katz Israel 72 Bronze Medal
Baldvin Kovács Hungary 73 Bronze Medal
Tenio Popmintchev Bulgaria 74 Bronze Medal
Bernhard Scheuner Switzerland 75 Bronze Medal
Georgy Lezhava Georgia 76 Bronze Medal
Paul Joseph Lujan United States of America 77 Bronze Medal
Jiří Franta Czech Republic 78 Bronze Medal
Vesselin Marinov Bulgaria 79 Bronze Medal
Mihajlo Vanevic Yugoslavia 80 Bronze Medal
Harvey Auerback Canada 81 Bronze Medal
Jan Rusz Slovakia 82 Bronze Medal
Peter Fischer Austria 83 Bronze Medal
Vyacheslavs Kascheyevs Latvia 84 Bronze Medal
Valter Kiisk Estonia 85 Bronze Medal
Michael Haeckel Germany 86 Bronze Medal
Andrzej Perez Perez Cuba 87 Bronze Medal
Robert Muecke Germany 88 Bronze Medal
Tomáš Brauner Czech Republic 89 Bronze Medal
Astrid de Wijn Netherlands 90 Bronze Medal
Matthew Tilbrook Australia 91 Bronze Medal
Emre Coşkun Turkey 92 Bronze Medal
Andrei Errapart Estonia 93 Honourable Mention
Andi Soedibjo Indonesia 94 Honourable Mention
Andriy Azovskii Ukraine 95 Honourable Mention
Hin Yeong Koong Singapore 96 Honourable Mention
Gareth Edwards United Kingdom 97 Honourable Mention
Jiří Houška Czech Republic 98 Honourable Mention
Audrius Alkauskas Lithuania 99 Honourable Mention
Andri Purnama Indonesia 100 Honourable Mention
Zoltán Kurucz Hungary 101 Honourable Mention
Vladimir Cvetkovic Yugoslavia 102 Honourable Mention
Mikhail Chwarts Belarus 103 Honourable Mention
Hrvoje Abraham Croatia 104 Honourable Mention
Aleksandar Donev North Macedonia 105 Honourable Mention
Tomislav Kapustic Croatia 106 Honourable Mention
Guy Bensky Israel 107 Honourable Mention
Martin Kobyl'an Slovakia 108 Honourable Mention
Anakewit Boonkasame Thailand 109 Honourable Mention
Julius Ruseckas Lithuania 110 Honourable Mention
Mikael Laitinen Finland 111 Honourable Mention
Bjorn Vandecraen Belgium 112 Honourable Mention
Pavel Radzivilovsky Israel 113 Honourable Mention
Alexandr Marcoci Moldova 114 Honourable Mention
Evgenia Daikova Bulgaria 115 Honourable Mention
Michael Richardson New Zealand 116 Honourable Mention
Chee Wee Ang Singapore 117 Honourable Mention
Krzysztof Roszkowski Poland 118 Honourable Mention
Olli Lehtonen Finland 119 Honourable Mention
Pavel Klang Czech Republic 120 Honourable Mention
David Philp Australia 121 Honourable Mention
Haavard Alnes Norway 122 Honourable Mention
Antonio Julio Copete Villa Colombia 123 Honourable Mention
Felix Hummel Austria 124 Honourable Mention
Shayne Bennetts Australia 125 Honourable Mention
Boris Grbic Yugoslavia 126 Honourable Mention
Andriy Beketov Ukraine 127 Honourable Mention
Anže Slosar Slovenia 128 Honourable Mention
Joel Niederhauser Switzerland 129 Honourable Mention
Wing Kay Sze William Singapore 130 Honourable Mention
Gernot Pauschenwein Austria 131 Honourable Mention
Andrea Sportiello Italy 132 Honourable Mention
Ramunas Augulis Lithuania 133 Honourable Mention
Laurent Demanet Belgium 134 Honourable Mention
Daniel Hofman Netherlands 135 Honourable Mention
Stefan Godis Slovakia 136 Honourable Mention
Wayan Gde Widiartha Indonesia 137 Honourable Mention
Andrea Zugna Italy 138 Honourable Mention
Herman Pandana Indonesia 139 Honourable Mention
Emre Dağlı Turkey 140 Honourable Mention
Vincent Pelletier Canada 141 Honourable Mention
Dagfinn Moerkrid Norway 142 Honourable Mention
Aleksandr Andreev Moldova 143 Honourable Mention
Dario Fischbein Argentina 144 Honourable Mention
Viktor Kuncak Yugoslavia 145 Honourable Mention
Eugenio Megias-Fernandez Spain 146 Honourable Mention
Andres Lips Estonia 147 Honourable Mention
Barış Bayram Turkey 148 Honourable Mention
Vera Parkhoutik Spain 149 Honourable Mention
Apichart Pattanaporkratana Thailand 150 Honourable Mention
Guido Festuccia Italy 151 Honourable Mention
Viktor Rozgic Yugoslavia 152 Honourable Mention
Christian Nakling Norway 153 Honourable Mention
Juan Francisko de la Serna Argentina 154 Honourable Mention
Peter Jeglič Slovenia 155 Honourable Mention
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