23rd IPHO 1992

Country resultsIndividual results

Chen Han People's Republic of China 1 Gold Medal
Andray Frolov Russia 2 Gold Medal
Li Yi People's Republic of China 3 Gold Medal
Shi Changchun People's Republic of China 4 Gold Medal
Eric David Miller United States of America 5 Gold Medal
Motrunich Alexei Ukraine 6 Gold Medal
Zhang Lintao People's Republic of China 7 Gold Medal
Florea Horatiu Stoica Romania 8 Gold Medal
Volker Moritz Germany 9 Gold Medal
Guliaev Nicolay Russia 10 Gold Medal
Rusinkiewicz Szymon United States of America 11 Gold Medal
Luo Weidong People's Republic of China 12 Gold Medal
Bezrukov Fedor Russia 13 Gold Medal
Rix Antony United Kingdom 14 Silver Medal
Pliszka Jacek Poland 15 Silver Medal
Anatoli Olkhovets Ukraine 16 Silver Medal
Banaszek Konrad Poland 17 Silver Medal
Smye Graham United Kingdom 18 Silver Medal
Fagan Matthew Australia 19 Silver Medal
Chris Stolk Netherlands 20 Silver Medal
Filip Münz Czechoslovakia 21 Silver Medal
Wagenaar Daniel Netherlands 22 Silver Medal
Ivchenko Nickolay Ukraine 23 Silver Medal
Turnbull Alistair P. United Kingdom 24 Silver Medal
Pankov Sergey Russia 25 Silver Medal
Dénes Molnár Hungary 26 Silver Medal
Martin Kassabov Bulgaria 27 Silver Medal
Calin Ciocarlie Romania 28 Silver Medal
Schulz Michael United States of America 29 Silver Medal
Shutenko Timur Ukraine 30 Silver Medal
Haynes Peter D. United Kingdom 31 Silver Medal
Kupčo Alexander Czechoslovakia 32 Silver Medal
Yongjik Kim Republic of Korea 33 Silver Medal
Rodwell Steven Australia 34 Bronze Medal
Heiss Peter Germany 35 Bronze Medal
Tomáš Kočka Czechoslovakia 36 Bronze Medal
Rascius Algirdas Lithuania 37 Bronze Medal
Egorov Juri Ukraine 38 Bronze Medal
Zaharia Sorin Romania 39 Bronze Medal
Paul Tupper Canada 40 Bronze Medal
Mehmet Özgür Oktel Turkey 41 Bronze Medal
Odagiri Kosuke United Kingdom 42 Bronze Medal
Christoph Gadermaier Austria 43 Bronze Medal
Wilms Maikel Netherlands 44 Bronze Medal
Lombardi Marco Italy 45 Bronze Medal
Desset Claude Belgium 46 Bronze Medal
Worlen Stefan Germany 47 Bronze Medal
Arbatsky Dmitry Russia 48 Bronze Medal
Imre Kondor Hungary 49 Bronze Medal
Ralf Seidel Germany 50 Bronze Medal
Jiří Vaníček Czechoslovakia 51 Bronze Medal
Salih Adem Turkey 52 Bronze Medal
Egidijus Anisimovas Lithuania 53 Bronze Medal
Hulsebos Edo Netherlands 54 Bronze Medal
Premont Patrick Canada 55 Bronze Medal
Reimar Finken Germany 56 Bronze Medal
Phichet Kittara Thailand 57 Bronze Medal
Ozgoly Shahram Islamic Republic of Iran 58 Honourable Mention
Cheong Gerald Australia 59 Honourable Mention
Bergli Joakim Norway 60 Honourable Mention
Ferrari Gabriele Italy 61 Honourable Mention
Lim Hway Kiong Singapore 62 Honourable Mention
Ioan Mihai Mitrea Romania 63 Honourable Mention
Eftekhar A. Asghar Islamic Republic of Iran 64 Honourable Mention
Basso Filippo Italy 65 Honourable Mention
Leisink Martijn Netherlands 66 Honourable Mention
Frykholm Niklas Sweden 67 Honourable Mention
Sándor Katz Hungary 68 Honourable Mention
Ivan Daikov Bulgaria 69 Honourable Mention
Dunn Adrian Canada 70 Honourable Mention
Czajkowski Marek Poland 71 Honourable Mention
Fung Duncan K. T. Singapore 72 Honourable Mention
Chen Fred Australia 73 Honourable Mention
Persson Anders Sweden 74 Honourable Mention
Ville Voipio Finland 75 Honourable Mention
Maltchev Plamen Bulgaria 76 Honourable Mention
Ilia Vassilev Bulgaria 77 Honourable Mention
Andreasson Fredrik Sweden 78 Honourable Mention
Jens Dean United States of America 79 Honourable Mention
Strombergsson Andreas Sweden 80 Honourable Mention
Huang Kee-Dyi Singapore 81 Honourable Mention
Vaccarella Steven Australia 82 Honourable Mention
James Carwil United States of America 83 Honourable Mention
Béla Kulcsár Hungary 84 Honourable Mention
Lumme Aki Finland 85 Honourable Mention
Pafka Szilard Romania 86 Honourable Mention
Zacharia George Cyprus 87 Honourable Mention
Katalin Varju Hungary 88 Honourable Mention
Tuleja Slavomír Czechoslovakia 89 Honourable Mention
Maricevic Mario Croatia 90 Honourable Mention
Gangstad Finn Arne Norway 91 Honourable Mention
Kasprzak Jacek Poland 92 Honourable Mention
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