19th IPHO 1988

Country resultsIndividual results

Conrad McDonnell United Kingdom 1 Gold Medal
Gábor Drasny Hungary 2 Gold Medal
Gunther Seitz Germany 3 Gold Medal
Yangsong Chen People's Republic of China 4 Gold Medal
Boris Karadjov Bulgaria 5 Gold Medal
Klaus Hallatschek Germany 6 Gold Medal
Costin Popescu Romania 7 Gold Medal
Yuri Kravchenko Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 8 Silver Medal
Christian Gavrila Romania 9 Silver Medal
Duiliu Diaconescu Romania 10 Silver Medal
Mats Persson Sweden 11 Silver Medal
Michael Edwards United States of America 12 Silver Medal
Stefan Simion Romania 13 Silver Medal
Cezary Śliwa Poland 14 Silver Medal
Jianbo Xu People's Republic of China 15 Silver Medal
Norbert Miskolczi Hungary 16 Silver Medal
Matthew Stone United States of America 17 Silver Medal
Piotr Kossacki Poland 18 Silver Medal
Rashmi Tank United Kingdom 19 Silver Medal
Kostya Penanen Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 20 Silver Medal
Radek Vystavěl Czechoslovakia 21 Silver Medal
Aleksander Mazurenko Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 22 Silver Medal
Feng Chen People's Republic of China 23 Silver Medal
Hans Olsson Sweden 24 Silver Medal
Lucian Ciobica Romania 25 Silver Medal
Daniel Bertilsson Sweden 26 Silver Medal
Ian Lovejoy United States of America 27 Silver Medal
Reyer Gerlagh Netherlands 28 Silver Medal
Ivan Popov Bulgaria 29 Silver Medal
Tamás Hauer Hungary 30 Silver Medal
Pierpaolo Peirano Italy 31 Bronze Medal
Kari Nurmela Finland 32 Bronze Medal
Sergey Cheshkov Bulgaria 33 Bronze Medal
Vadim Moroz Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 34 Bronze Medal
David Jackson Australia 35 Bronze Medal
Mattias Markert German Democratic Republic 36 Bronze Medal
Trevor Blackwell Canada 37 Bronze Medal
Erkki Lantto Finland 38 Bronze Medal
Anton Malkim Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 39 Bronze Medal
Tibor Bartoš Czechoslovakia 40 Bronze Medal
Andrej Vilfan Yugoslavia 41 Bronze Medal
Wolfgang Maichen Austria 42 Bronze Medal
Zvonimir Bandić Yugoslavia 43 Bronze Medal
Thomas Koch German Democratic Republic 44 Bronze Medal
Jeroen Paasschens Netherlands 45 Bronze Medal
Stuart Yates Australia 46 Bronze Medal
Bernd Eberhard Ammann Germany 47 Bronze Medal
Thomas Boeck German Democratic Republic 48 Bronze Medal
Simeon Stoyanov Bulgaria 49 Bronze Medal
Udo Karthaus Germany 50 Bronze Medal
Csaba Csáki Hungary 51 Bronze Medal
Mark Gorbatov Australia 52 Bronze Medal
Attila Fucskár Hungary 53 Bronze Medal
Aidong Ding People's Republic of China 54 Bronze Medal
Roar Lauritzen Norway 55 Bronze Medal
Christopher Balzereit Germany 56 Bronze Medal
Neil Greenham United Kingdom 57 Bronze Medal
David Maxera Czechoslovakia 58 Bronze Medal
Marko Santala Finland 59 Bronze Medal
Gunnar Farnebaeck Sweden 60 Honourable Mention
Thomas Wilcke German Democratic Republic 61 Honourable Mention
Grzegorz Kondrat Poland 62 Honourable Mention
Kees Van Kemenade Netherlands 63 Honourable Mention
Jan Swart Netherlands 64 Honourable Mention
Lennart Bengtsson Sweden 65 Honourable Mention
Katarína Kis-Petríková Czechoslovakia 66 Honourable Mention
Jian Chen People's Republic of China 67 Honourable Mention
Maciej Sawicki Poland 68 Honourable Mention
Phan Anh Tuan Vietnam 69 Honourable Mention
Dietmar Kieslinger Austria 70 Honourable Mention
Leopoldo Avelino Pando Zayas Cuba 71 Honourable Mention
David Hogg Canada 72 Honourable Mention
Georgios Hadjiyannis Cyprus 73 Honourable Mention
Arne H. Juul Norway 74 Honourable Mention
Mauro Cossi Italy 75 Honourable Mention
Hakon Asgrimsson Iceland 76 Honourable Mention
Gregor Weihs Austria 77 Honourable Mention
Sjoerd Stallinga Netherlands 78 Honourable Mention
Timothy Little Australia 79 Honourable Mention
Hoyt Hudson United States of America 80 Honourable Mention
Mikko Laine Finland 81 Honourable Mention
Rossen Ivanov Bulgaria 82 Honourable Mention
James Gifford Australia 83 Honourable Mention
Trond Reitan Norway 84 Honourable Mention
Lars B. Schroeder Norway 85 Honourable Mention
Patrik Rautaheimo Finland 86 Honourable Mention
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