20th IPHO 1989

Country resultsIndividual results

Steven Gubser United States of America 1 Gold Medal
Szabolcs Késmárki Hungary 2 Gold Medal
Costin Popescu Romania 3 Gold Medal
Olaf Kummer Germany 4 Gold Medal
Jens Lang Germany 5 Gold Medal
Michael Rutter United Kingdom 6 Gold Medal
Desmond Rodney Lim Chin Siong Singapore 7 Gold Medal
Nikolay Kuzma Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 8 Gold Medal
Asen Kumanov Bulgaria 9 Gold Medal
Eric Cator Netherlands 10 Gold Medal
Cezary Śliwa Poland 11 Silver Medal
Piotr Kossacki Poland 12 Silver Medal
Yan Jing People's Republic of China 13 Silver Medal
Tomasz Motylewski Poland 14 Silver Medal
Andrej Vilfan Yugoslavia 15 Silver Medal
Mao Yong People's Republic of China 16 Silver Medal
Udo Karthaus Germany 17 Silver Medal
Colin Merryweather United Kingdom 18 Silver Medal
Andre Fraenzel German Democratic Republic 19 Silver Medal
Gabriel Balan Romania 20 Silver Medal
Gregory Colyer United Kingdom 21 Silver Medal
Qiu Dong Yu People's Republic of China 22 Silver Medal
Ge Ning People's Republic of China 23 Silver Medal
Mika Nyström Sweden 24 Silver Medal
Rolf Oldeman Netherlands 25 Silver Medal
Szilárd Szabó Hungary 26 Silver Medal
Arnošt Kobylka Czechoslovakia 27 Silver Medal
Volker Gebhardt Germany 28 Silver Medal
Gábor Felső Hungary 29 Silver Medal
Leopoldo Avelino Pando Zayas Cuba 30 Silver Medal
Romke Jonker Netherlands 31 Silver Medal
Gregor Weihs Austria 32 Silver Medal
Aleksandr Korshtsov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 33 Silver Medal
Miroslav Vicher Czechoslovakia 34 Silver Medal
Konstantin Stefanov Bulgaria 35 Silver Medal
Werner Torsten German Democratic Republic 36 Silver Medal
Arthur Street Australia 37 Bronze Medal
Lim Shiang Liang Singapore 38 Bronze Medal
Zvonimir Bandić Yugoslavia 39 Bronze Medal
Thomas Wilcke German Democratic Republic 40 Bronze Medal
Konstantin Zuev Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 41 Bronze Medal
Nima Arkani-Hamed Canada 42 Bronze Medal
Richard Wilson United Kingdom 43 Bronze Medal
Stefan Jacobsson Sweden 44 Bronze Medal
Øyvind Tafjord Norway 45 Bronze Medal
Andrej Doboš Czechoslovakia 46 Bronze Medal
Jason Jacobs United States of America 47 Bronze Medal
Lucian Ciobica Romania 48 Bronze Medal
Romuald Janik Poland 49 Bronze Medal
Swen Wunderlich German Democratic Republic 50 Bronze Medal
Volker Springel Germany 51 Bronze Medal
Yavor Velchev Bulgaria 52 Bronze Medal
Ramin Farjad Rad Islamic Republic of Iran 53 Bronze Medal
Zoltán Hidvégi Hungary 54 Bronze Medal
Lin Xiao Fan People's Republic of China 55 Bronze Medal
Viorel-Cristian Negoita Romania 56 Bronze Medal
Carsten Deus German Democratic Republic 57 Bronze Medal
Hannes Sakulin Austria 58 Bronze Medal
Ramin Golestanian Islamic Republic of Iran 59 Bronze Medal
Matthew Brecknell Australia 60 Bronze Medal
Martijn Mulders Netherlands 61 Bronze Medal
Thomas Bednar Austria 62 Bronze Medal
Dubravko Tomasović Yugoslavia 63 Bronze Medal
Derrick Bass United States of America 64 Bronze Medal
Hans Olav Sundfør Norway 65 Bronze Medal
Chris Simons Canada 66 Bronze Medal
Vahid Borumand Sani Islamic Republic of Iran 67 Honourable Mention
Vladislav Makeyev Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 68 Honourable Mention
Mona Berciu Romania 69 Honourable Mention
Timo Tarhasaari Finland 70 Honourable Mention
Silvano de Franceschi Italy 71 Honourable Mention
Dalibor Tużinski Yugoslavia 72 Honourable Mention
Federico Toschi Italy 73 Honourable Mention
Gareth Williams Australia 74 Honourable Mention
Christophe Colle Belgium 75 Honourable Mention
James Sarvis United States of America 76 Honourable Mention
Hüseyin Altun Turkey 77 Honourable Mention
Timo Rantalainen Finland 78 Honourable Mention
Norbert Schörghofer Austria 79 Honourable Mention
Georgios Ioannou Cyprus 80 Honourable Mention
Janne Karimäki Finland 81 Honourable Mention
Brett Munro Australia 82 Honourable Mention
Gregory Lielens Belgium 83 Honourable Mention
Petr Duczynski Czechoslovakia 84 Honourable Mention
Simon Ekström Sweden 85 Honourable Mention
Gordon Ogilvie United Kingdom 86 Honourable Mention
Johan Axnäs Sweden 87 Honourable Mention
Pekka Heino Finland 88 Honourable Mention
Eric Nodwell Canada 89 Honourable Mention
Roger Klausen Norway 90 Honourable Mention
Stefan Piperov Bulgaria 91 Honourable Mention
Kristján Leósson Iceland 92 Honourable Mention
Gerardo A. Munoz Colombia 93 Honourable Mention
Otso Ovaskainen Finland 94 Honourable Mention
Juru Uvarov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 95 Honourable Mention
Dragomir Neshev Bulgaria 96 Honourable Mention
Leszek Mencnarowski Poland 97 Honourable Mention
Arnold Metselaar Netherlands 98 Honourable Mention
Vjekoslav Mladineo Yugoslavia 99 Honourable Mention
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