18th IPHO 1987

Country resultsIndividual results

Catalin Malureanu Romania 1 Gold Medal
Ciprian Necula Romania 2 Gold Medal
Bastiaan V. de Bakker Netherlands 3 Gold Medal
Chen Xun People's Republic of China 4 Silver Medal
Klaus Hallatschek Germany 5 Silver Medal
Didina Serban Romania 6 Silver Medal
Cristoph Tiele Germany 7 Silver Medal
Christopher Sanders United Kingdom 8 Silver Medal
Bogdan Vulpescu Romania 9 Silver Medal
Anton Bibikov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 10 Silver Medal
Li Jin Hui People's Republic of China 11 Silver Medal
Frank Klemm German Democratic Republic 12 Silver Medal
Gábor Drasny Hungary 13 Silver Medal
Piotr Kossacki Poland 14 Bronze Medal
Gunther Seitz Germany 15 Bronze Medal
Jürgen Hertzfeld German Democratic Republic 16 Bronze Medal
Pavol Kolník Czechoslovakia 17 Bronze Medal
Gyula Szokoly Hungary 18 Bronze Medal
Bryan Beatty United States of America 19 Bronze Medal
Andrzej Pyka Poland 20 Bronze Medal
Boris Karadjov Bulgaria 21 Bronze Medal
Martin Krause Germany 22 Bronze Medal
Arthur Hebecker German Democratic Republic 23 Bronze Medal
Steffen Winterfeld German Democratic Republic 24 Bronze Medal
Lucian Mitoseriu Romania 25 Bronze Medal
Patrik Pettersson Sweden 26 Bronze Medal
Eli Glezer United States of America 27 Bronze Medal
Petar Maksimović Yugoslavia 28 Bronze Medal
Ivan Georiyev Tsvetanov Bulgaria 29 Bronze Medal
Karl Berggren Canada 30 Bronze Medal
Gergely Zaránd Hungary 31 Bronze Medal
Witold Skiba Poland 32 Bronze Medal
Tang Peng Fei People's Republic of China 33 Bronze Medal
Normand Modine United States of America 34 Bronze Medal
Ho Si Mau Thuc Vietnam 35 Bronze Medal
Andrej Vilfan Yugoslavia 36 Bronze Medal
Jaroslav Hora Czechoslovakia 37 Bronze Medal
Robbert R. R. Nix Netherlands 38 Bronze Medal
Dimitriy Budko Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 39 Bronze Medal
Aleksey Goldin Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 40 Bronze Medal
Wu Aj Hua People's Republic of China 41 Bronze Medal
Zhang Yan Ping People's Republic of China 42 Bronze Medal
Stephan Jeiter Germany 43 Honourable Mention
David Maxera Czechoslovakia 44 Honourable Mention
Martin Andrews United Kingdom 45 Honourable Mention
William Christopherson United Kingdom 46 Honourable Mention
Martin Erikson Sweden 47 Honourable Mention
Jari-Pekka Paalassalo Finland 48 Honourable Mention
Gintas Vilkyalis Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 49 Honourable Mention
Dmitriy Glushchenkov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 50 Honourable Mention
Karl Strobl Austria 51 Honourable Mention
András Vasy Hungary 52 Honourable Mention
Grzegorz Kondrat Poland 53 Honourable Mention
Gregory Wellman Canada 54 Honourable Mention
Dirk K. de Vries Netherlands 55 Honourable Mention
Pham Hung Vietnam 56 Honourable Mention
Walter Renger Austria 57 Honourable Mention
Péter Balogh Hungary 58 Honourable Mention
Marcin Konecki Poland 59 Honourable Mention
Tomas Eriksson Sweden 60 Honourable Mention
Håkan Hjalmers Sweden 61 Honourable Mention
Ojvind Johansson Sweden 62 Honourable Mention
Robert Gassler Austria 63 Honourable Mention
Truong Dinh Ngo Quang Vietnam 64 Honourable Mention
Katarína Kis-Petríková Czechoslovakia 65 Honourable Mention
Hervé Kuijten Netherlands 66 Honourable Mention
Timothy Creasy Canada 67 Honourable Mention
Petr Habala Czechoslovakia 68 Honourable Mention
Gunnar Gudnason Iceland 69 Honourable Mention
Panu Lehtovuori Finland 70 Honourable Mention
Franklin Chen United States of America 71 Honourable Mention
Nguyen Son Tung Vietnam 72 Honourable Mention
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