18th IPHO 1987

Country resultsIndividual results

Contestant Country Rank Award Theoretical Experimental Total
Catalin Malureanu Romania 1 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ciprian Necula Romania 2 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bastiaan V. de Bakker Netherlands 3 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Chen Xun People's Republic of China 4 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Klaus Hallatschek Germany 5 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Didina Serban Romania 6 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Cristoph Tiele Germany 7 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Christopher Sanders United Kingdom 8 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bogdan Vulpescu Romania 9 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Anton Bibikov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 10 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Li Jin Hui People's Republic of China 11 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Frank Klemm German Democratic Republic 12 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gábor Drasny Hungary 13 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Piotr Kossacki Poland 14 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gunther Seitz Germany 15 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jürgen Hertzfeld German Democratic Republic 16 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pavol Kolník Czechoslovakia 17 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gyula Szokoly Hungary 18 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bryan Beatty United States of America 19 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andrzej Pyka Poland 20 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Boris Karadjov Bulgaria 21 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Martin Krause Germany 22 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Arthur Hebecker German Democratic Republic 23 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Steffen Winterfeld German Democratic Republic 24 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Lucian Mitoseriu Romania 25 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Patrik Pettersson Sweden 26 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Eli Glezer United States of America 27 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Petar Maksimović Yugoslavia 28 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ivan Georiyev Tsvetanov Bulgaria 29 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Karl Berggren Canada 30 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gergely Zaránd Hungary 31 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Witold Skiba Poland 32 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tang Peng Fei People's Republic of China 33 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Normand Modine United States of America 34 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ho Si Mau Thuc Vietnam 35 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andrej Vilfan Yugoslavia 36 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jaroslav Hora Czechoslovakia 37 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Robbert R. R. Nix Netherlands 38 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dimitriy Budko Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 39 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Aleksey Goldin Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 40 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Wu Aj Hua People's Republic of China 41 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Zhang Yan Ping People's Republic of China 42 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Stephan Jeiter Germany 43 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
David Maxera Czechoslovakia 44 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Martin Andrews United Kingdom 45 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
William Christopherson United Kingdom 46 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Martin Erikson Sweden 47 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jari-Pekka Paalassalo Finland 48 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gintas Vilkyalis Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 49 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dmitriy Glushchenkov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 50 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Karl Strobl Austria 51 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
András Vasy Hungary 52 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Grzegorz Kondrat Poland 53 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gregory Wellman Canada 54 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dirk K. de Vries Netherlands 55 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pham Hung Vietnam 56 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Walter Renger Austria 57 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Péter Balogh Hungary 58 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Marcin Konecki Poland 59 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tomas Eriksson Sweden 60 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Håkan Hjalmers Sweden 61 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ojvind Johansson Sweden 62 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Robert Gassler Austria 63 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Truong Dinh Ngo Quang Vietnam 64 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Katarína Kis-Petríková Czechoslovakia 65 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Hervé Kuijten Netherlands 66 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Timothy Creasy Canada 67 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Petr Habala Czechoslovakia 68 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gunnar Gudnason Iceland 69 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Panu Lehtovuori Finland 70 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Franklin Chen United States of America 71 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nguyen Son Tung Vietnam 72 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
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