38th IPHO 2007

Country resultsIndividual results

Contestant Country Rank Award Theoretical Experimental Total
Youngjoon Choi Republic of Korea 1 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Xingyue Peng People's Republic of China 2 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tony (Han) Zhu Canada 3 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jiazhong Hu People's Republic of China 4 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dmitry Mylnikov Russia 5 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Satoru Takakura Japan 6 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tomáš Bzdušek Slovakia 7 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Hyung Jun Kim Republic of Korea 8 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nguyen Tat Nghia Vietnam 9 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Kseniya Solovyeva Russia 10 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Li Haoyi Singapore 11 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andrey Kotov Russia 12 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yuto Murashita Japan 13 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Peter W. Ford United Kingdom 14 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Muhammad Firmansyah Kasim Indonesia 15 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bingxi Qian People's Republic of China 16 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Rohit Singh India 17 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Chien-Chang Chen Taiwan 18 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mohammad Hallajian Islamic Republic of Iran 19 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Raman M. Sharma India 20 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pavel Motloch Czech Republic 21 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Chaoming Jian People's Republic of China 22 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Đorđe Radičević Serbia 23 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Kasidit Toprasertpong Thailand 24 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Onur Örnek Turkey 25 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mohammad Mehdi Asefzadeh Islamic Republic of Iran 26 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dalimil Mazáč Czech Republic 27 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Haofei Wei United States of America 28 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gábor Kónya Hungary 29 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jason R. LaRue United States of America 30 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Maksym Manakov Ukraine 31 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dmytro Agarkov Ukraine 32 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Shao Qi Daniel Sim Singapore 33 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bruno Le Floch France 34 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Maksim V. Sevelev Belarus 35 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Duc Thang Bui Vietnam 36 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Lin Fei Canada 37 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Seung Hyuck Jeon Republic of Korea 38 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Balázs Meszéna Hungary 39 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Praphruetpong Athiwaratkun Thailand 40 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yaroslav Beltyukov Russia 41 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bartłomiej Kaminski Poland 42 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Guilhem Boeris France 43 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Vladimír Boža Slovakia 44 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Thomas W. Hiscock United Kingdom 45 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Rudy Handoko Tanin Indonesia 46 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Erich W. Eckner Germany 47 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Harsh H. Pareek India 48 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Miklós Werner Hungary 49 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Cristina Georgeta Popa Romania 50 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Aliaksandr A. Hlymbotski Belarus 51 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yusuke Morita Japan 52 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Peter P. Petrov Bulgaria 53 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Johannes B. Hofmann Germany 54 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Maxime Gerardin France 55 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ilia Smilga France 56 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Musawwadah Mukhtar Indonesia 57 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Amin Rezaeezadeh Islamic Republic of Iran 58 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jakub Benda Czech Republic 59 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jenny L. Kwan United States of America 60 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Aoxi Li People's Republic of China 61 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Kento Masuda Japan 62 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Chanon Ariyaprakai Thailand 63 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yerbol Y. Bekbayev Kazakhstan 64 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tobias Holder Germany 65 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Kang-Yun Yang Taiwan 66 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yak Xin Yang Singapore 67 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Hahn Sol Bae Republic of Korea 68 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pratyush S. Pandey India 69 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Kenan S. Diab United States of America 70 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Byung Min Kang Republic of Korea 71 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ilja Göthel Germany 72 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Svilen Kanev Bulgaria 73 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mohammad Ali Emami Khansari Islamic Republic of Iran 74 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bastian Hacker Germany 75 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Thanh Tung Mai Vietnam 76 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yosua Michael Maranatha Indonesia 77 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Rui Hu United States of America 78 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Maksim Stepanenko Kyrgyzstan 79 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Do Hoang Anh Vietnam 80 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Chang-Chi Wu Chinese Taiwan 81 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Georgel Bogdan Alexandru Romania 82 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Wai Tat Ho Hong Kong 83 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yue Hang Leung Hong Kong 84 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Wai Yeung Lam Hong Kong 85 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Voravit Vorapipat Thailand 86 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Markus Legner Austria 87 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Po-Hao Huang Taiwan 88 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Samuel Hapák Slovakia 89 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gábor Almási Hungary 90 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pavlo Bulanchuk Ukraine 91 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Khoo Kent Loong Malaysia 92 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Martin Farlotti France 93 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pavel M. Hulevich Belarus 94 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
József Konczer Slovakia 95 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Vladimir Vanovschi Moldova 96 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gurbangeldi Hudayberdiyev Turkmenistan 97 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Cheng-Ju Lin Chinese Taiwan 98 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
David Halim Indonesia 99 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Vitali A. Liauchuk Belarus 100 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Namiq Hasanov Azerbaijan 101 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tze Ho Tang Hong Kong 102 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nicolň Grilli Italy 103 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tsang Keung Chan Hong Kong 104 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Stefan Krastanov Bulgaria 105 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ali-Reza Shahbaazi Islamic Republic of Iran 106 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andrei I. Malinouski Belarus 107 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Goulong Li Belgium 108 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Kyrylo Bondarenko Ukraine 109 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mingliang Zhou United Kingdom 110 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Marek Scholle Czech Republic 111 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Daiki Nishiguchi Japan 112 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Alexandru Bogdan Georgescu Romania 113 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Polnop Samutpraphoot Thailand 114 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Stanislav Zavjalov Estonia 115 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jingyuan (Linda) Zhang Canada 116 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Belemir Çoban Turkey 117 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Žilvinas Rimas Lithuania 118 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mattia C. Sormani Italy 119 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Simon R. M. Wright Ireland 120 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Thomas F. Lima Brazil 121 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Lukáš Ledvina Czech Republic 122 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yifan Wang Canada 123 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Wan Jen Cheryl Quah Singapore 124 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mārtiņš Purins Latvia 125 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yiu Wah Daniel Lo Singapore 126 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Arsen Mamikonyan Armenia 127 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Lénárd Szolnoki Hungary 128 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gļebs Ivanovskis Latvia 129 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Parviz Hajiyev Azerbaijan 130 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Paul H. J. McElhinney Ireland 131 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Oles' Shtan'ko Ukraine 132 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Victor Popescu Stroe Romania 133 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Stefan Sanduleanu Moldova 134 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Sergey Efimov Russia 135 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Edvin Memet Romania 136 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gavrail T. Tatarliev Bulgaria 137 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Denis Nardin Italy 138 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Vivek U. C. Lohani India 139 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Admir Greljo Bosnia and Herzegovina 140 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jakub M. Sikorowski Poland 141 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Zeeshan Javed Pakistan 142 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jure Ausec Slovenia 143 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yvette Welling Netherlands 144 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ngoc Hung Nguyen Vietnam 145 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Rogier Huurman Netherlands 146 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Marcel Scholten Netherlands 147 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pawel Tomasik Poland 148 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Devanand Sukhdeo Canada 149 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Aleksas Mazeliauskas Lithuania 150 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Otgonbaatar Uuganbayar Mongolia 151 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Cavan Chiam Choon Hao Malaysia 152 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Michal Kovaľ Slovakia 153 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Doycho P. Karagyozov Bulgaria 154 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Guntars Kitenbergs Latvia 155 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andria Esakia Georgia 156 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Vladan Pavlović Serbia 157 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tómas Pálsson Iceland 158 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Vitalii Abetkin Moldova 159 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gaspar Francisco Fernandez De Asis Spain 160 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pawel Duch Poland 161 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Emanuele Sobacchi Italy 162 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nikola Otašević Serbia 163 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Stefano Bolzonella Italy 164 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Hakan Atakişi Turkey 165 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Arūnas Radzvilavičius Lithuania 166 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Gediminas Pekšys Lithuania 167 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Timotej Lazar Slovenia 168 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Lukas Krasauskas Lithuania 169 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andreas Theiler Austria 170 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mark Moriarty Ireland 171 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jaan Katus Estonia 172 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Paul A. Gillard United Kingdom 173 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Strahinja Janković Serbia 174 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ng Xin Zhao Malaysia 175 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Aibek A. Mukhamediyev Kazakhstan 176 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Aykut Argun Turkey 177 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mikhail Savin Finland 178 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Zhandos Z. Seksembayev Kazakhstan 179 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Viktor Ogeman Sweden 180 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nasharov A. Askar Kazakhstan 181 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Christian L. Ebbesen Denmark 182 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Alejandro Leon Gimeno Sanz Spain 183 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Roland Diggelmann Switzerland 184 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Simon Birrer Switzerland 185 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Joonas J. P. Ilmavirta Finland 186 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Menua Gevorgyan Armenia 187 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jurijs Varnels Latvia 188 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Luis Felipe Ponce Alvarez Cuba 189 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Alice V. Webster United Kingdom 190 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Anton K. J. Laitinen Finland 191 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
John Konig Walles Sweden 192 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Marek Jarkovoi Estonia 193 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Adrian M. Panasiuk Poland 194 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bishal Lamichhane Nepal 195 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ioannis Dimitroglou Greece 196 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Juan A. Rodriguez Garcia Mexico 197 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Phann Sophearin Cambodia 198 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Azat Sulaev Kyrgyzstan 199 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jaka Gogala Slovenia 200 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Martin Hauge Norway 201 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Heikki J. J. Mäntysaari Finland 202 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Pieterjan M. A. Goedertier Belgium 203 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Emir Nurov Turkmenistan 204 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bakhrom Oripov Tajikistan 205 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Troels Irgens-Møller Denmark 206 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Johanna Nyffeler Switzerland 207 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Uku Hämarik Estonia 208 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Simon Corrodi Switzerland 209 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mohd Farhan Mohd Jafri Malaysia 210 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yusuf Büyükdağ Turkey 211 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Eamon A. Robinson Ireland 212 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Enkhee Temuulen Mongolia 213 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Suleman Mahmood Pakistan 214 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Monica Tatiana Rincon Ramirez Colombia 215 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mediha Zukić Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥216 __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Adrijana Lipovac Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥216 __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Goran Šibenik Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥216 __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jovica Lelek Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥216 __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
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