International Distributed Physics Olympiad 2020

Due to Covid-19 regulations IPhO 2020 had to be postponed to 2021. On December 7-15 2020, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology organized a distributed version of the competition where students participated remotely from their home countries. The competition was endorsed by the IPhO Advisory Board. More info can be found on IdPhO Official Website.

Yifei Zhang People's Republic of China 1 Gold Medal
Rui Sun People's Republic of China 2 Gold Medal
Shichang Li People's Republic of China 3 Gold Medal
Yongyan Han People's Republic of China 4 Gold Medal
Xiaoyu Ouyang People's Republic of China 5 Gold Medal
Ivan Kharichkin Russia 6 Gold Medal
Maksim Pokrovskii Russia 7 Gold Medal
Tatiana Emelianova Russia 8 Gold Medal
Alexander Zenkovich Russia 9 Gold Medal
Ivan Russkikh Russia 10 Gold Medal
Artashes Gyoletsyan Armenia 11 Gold Medal
Wilsen Chandra Putra Indonesia 12 Gold Medal
Peter Addison Sadhani Indonesia 13 Gold Medal
Antonia Alma Ghita Romania 14 Gold Medal
Jiatao Jerry Han Singapore 15 Gold Medal
Yang Shao Singapore 16 Gold Medal
Eu-Shaun Leong Singapore 17 Gold Medal
Viktor Fukala Czech Republic 18 Silver Medal
Tomasz Ślusarczyk Poland 19 Silver Medal
Wald Almog Israel 20 Silver Medal
Vaibhav Raj India 21 Silver Medal
Ronald Doboš Slovakia 22 Silver Medal
Timothy Ho Li Xiong Singapore 23 Silver Medal
Andrii Zahorodnii Ukraine 24 Silver Medal
Sze Chun Lau Hong Kong 25 Silver Medal
Dušan Beguš Serbia 26 Silver Medal
Edward Yanyang Xu Hong Kong 27 Silver Medal
Khac Hai Long Nguyen Vietnam 28 Silver Medal
Bernard Faulend Croatia 29 Silver Medal
Bayram Alp Şahin Turkey 30 Silver Medal
Konstantin Dukach Estonia 31 Silver Medal
Dias Davi Maciel Brazil 32 Silver Medal
Shuhao Tian Singapore 33 Silver Medal
Eduard-Florin Burlacu Romania 34 Silver Medal
Ngo Hoang Duong Vu Vietnam 35 Silver Medal
George Cristian Ardeleanu Romania 36 Silver Medal
Jaroslav Herman Czech Republic 37 Silver Medal
Rassul Magauin Kazakhstan 38 Silver Medal
George Chiriac Romania 39 Silver Medal
Oleksii Ihnatenko Ukraine 40 Silver Medal
Bastos de Almeida Alexandre Silva Brazil 41 Silver Medal
Simon Bukovšek Slovenia 42 Silver Medal
Claudiu-Mihai Cotirlan Romania 43 Silver Medal
Kaarel Kivisalu Estonia 44 Silver Medal
Daler Pirov Tajikistan 45 Silver Medal
Bar Hillel Lior Israel 46 Silver Medal
Minh Hoang Le Vietnam 47 Silver Medal
Jozef Csipes Slovakia 48 Silver Medal
Dao Cong Minh Trang Vietnam 49 Silver Medal
Yunus Emre Parmaksız Turkey 50 Silver Medal
Öykü Sıla Güner Turkey 51 Silver Medal
Lopes Ponciano Lima Matheus Brazil 52 Silver Medal
Rodrigues Vinícius Ferreira Brazil 53 Silver Medal
Rauan Kaldybayev Kazakhstan 54 Silver Medal
Anton Draganchuk Kazakhstan 55 Silver Medal
Bogdan Rajkov Serbia 56 Bronze Medal
Schwierz Ory Israel 57 Bronze Medal
Wai Ching Choi Hong Kong 58 Bronze Medal
Lugas Firdinand Hamdi Indonesia 59 Bronze Medal
Alper Tezcan Turkey 60 Bronze Medal
Janko Vrcek Croatia 61 Bronze Medal
Martin Schmied Czech Republic 62 Bronze Medal
Le Duc Hoang Nguyen Vietnam 63 Bronze Medal
Grgur Premec Croatia 64 Bronze Medal
Jarl Patrick Paide Estonia 65 Bronze Medal
Chon Hei Lo Macau 66 Bronze Medal
Pavol Pivko Slovakia 67 Bronze Medal
Dinmukhamed Rakhimzhanov Kazakhstan 68 Bronze Medal
George Dzadzamia Georgia 69 Bronze Medal
Rail Xashayev Uzbekistan 70 Bronze Medal
Franklin Hor Chung Yeung Macau 71 Bronze Medal
Rashedul Islam Bangladesh 72 Bronze Medal
Hakob Chakhoyan Armenia 73 Bronze Medal
Marius Frija Moldova 74 Bronze Medal
Dušan Subotić Montenegro 75 Bronze Medal
Kristjan-Erik Kahu Estonia 76 Bronze Medal
Ruben Karakhanyan Armenia 77 Bronze Medal
Lennart Küssner Sweden 78 Bronze Medal
Temirlan Ismagulov Kazakhstan 79 Bronze Medal
Hendrik Vija Estonia 80 Bronze Medal
Imtiaz Tanweer Rahim Bangladesh 81 Bronze Medal
Martim Paiva Portugal 82 Bronze Medal
Hynek Jakeš Czech Republic 83 Bronze Medal
Nahushtan Sagi Israel 84 Bronze Medal
Dominik Moos Switzerland 85 Bronze Medal
Marko Vučić Bosnia and Herzegovina 86 Bronze Medal
Stefan Nicov Moldova 87 Bronze Medal
M. Subhi Abo Rdan Syria 88 Bronze Medal
Murad Bashirov Azerbaijan 89 Bronze Medal
Karel Chwistek Czech Republic 90 Bronze Medal
Ian Seo Takose Brazil 91 Bronze Medal
Ricardo Skewes-Zorrilla Mexico 92 Bronze Medal
Nikoloz Nikuradze Georgia 93 Bronze Medal
Omar Bourhani Syria 94 Bronze Medal
Sergej Krčmar Bosnia and Herzegovina 95 Bronze Medal
Lev Podbregar Slovenia 96 Bronze Medal
Luka Kirtadze Georgia 97 Bronze Medal
Gabriel Almeida Portugal 98 Bronze Medal
Nuno Carneiro Portugal 99 Bronze Medal
Abdurahmon Abdukhamidov Tajikistan 100 Bronze Medal
Abdullah Alhasni Syria 101 Bronze Medal
Petar Samardžić Serbia 102 Bronze Medal
Mukhammadkhuja Kamoliddinzoda Tajikistan 103 Bronze Medal
Rolands Lopatko Latvia 104 Honourable Mention
Petro Zarytskyi Ukraine 105 Honourable Mention
Abdullodzhon Yusupov Tajikistan 106 Honourable Mention
Dean Hartono Indonesia 107 Honourable Mention
Ahmad Arsy Indonesia 108 Honourable Mention
Chingiz Abdrazakov Kyrgyzstan 109 Honourable Mention
Martínez Javier Sánchez-Bonilla Spain 110 Honourable Mention
Daoud Laariara Belgium 111 Honourable Mention
Leo Thom Switzerland 112 Honourable Mention
Abdalazeez Jerby Syria 113 Honourable Mention
Jan Kossacki Poland 114 Honourable Mention
Jakub Lewandowski Poland 115 Honourable Mention
Gabriel Rouxinol Portugal 116 Honourable Mention
Misheel Otgonbayar Mongolia 117 Honourable Mention
Kushal Thaman India 118 Honourable Mention
Fernández Javier López Spain 119 Honourable Mention
Lennart Horn Switzerland 120 Honourable Mention
Keren Noga Israel 121 Honourable Mention
Loïc Nicollerat Switzerland 122 Honourable Mention
Eser İlke Genç Turkey 123 Honourable Mention
Sardor Boboshov Uzbekistan 124 Honourable Mention
Siraj Yahyazade Azerbaijan 125 Honourable Mention
Viesturs Spūlis Latvia 126 Honourable Mention
Petr Ermolaev Switzerland 127 Honourable Mention
Shofar Sno Suriname 128 Honourable Mention
Allan Guo Hong Kong 129 Honourable Mention
Yakhyo Shamsiev Tajikistan 130 Honourable Mention
Golam Ishtiak Bangladesh 131 Honourable Mention
Luis Eduardo Ayala-Duarte Mexico 132 Honourable Mention
Ayhan Suleymanzade Azerbaijan 133 Honourable Mention
Miłosz Matraszek Poland 134 Honourable Mention
Bilguun Batbayar Mongolia 135 Honourable Mention
Azizbek Tursunov Uzbekistan 136 Honourable Mention
Kwee Jeffrey Hartanto Hong Kong 137 Honourable Mention
Luka Kopadze Georgia 138 Honourable Mention
Vladimir Purice Moldova 139 Honourable Mention
Vendrell Víctor Conchello Spain 140 Honourable Mention
Lupon Javier Ruiz Spain 141 Honourable Mention
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