16th IPHO 1985

Country resultsIndividual results

Contestant Country Rank Award Theoretical Experimental Total
Patrik Španěl Czechoslovakia 1 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Roy Badami United Kingdom ≥2 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Viktor Bazhykin Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ≥2 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Georgiy Grigoryev Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ≥2 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Taras Ivanenko Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ≥2 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Norbert Bollow Germany ≥6 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Zoltán Egyed Hungary ≥6 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
David John Cameron MacKay United Kingdom ≥6 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dan Pirjol Romania ≥6 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Peter Schupp Germany ≥6 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Yuriy Zhestkov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ≥6 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Phons Bloemen Netherlands ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Oleg Cherp Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Igor Djokovic Yugoslavia ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Anthony Duell United Kingdom ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Richard Green United Kingdom ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Reiner Hippmann Germany ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Antal Jakovác Hungary ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Matthias Ketzel German Democratic Republic ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ovidiu Klocea Romania ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jane Kondev Yugoslavia ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Mirosław Lis Poland ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jan Lužný Czechoslovakia ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Catalin Malureanu Romania ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Thomas Palm Sweden ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Olaf Wendt Germany ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Marcin Wolter Poland ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Peter Zegelaar Netherlands ≥12 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Lars Aronsson Sweden ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nicolas Bateman Canada ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dobrin Bossev Bulgaria ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Matthias Drochner German Democratic Republic ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jari-Pekka Ikonen Finland ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Henrik Jurkschat German Democratic Republic ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Thomas Klotz German Democratic Republic ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Stefan Komilev Bulgaria ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nikolay Mechkov Bulgaria ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ivo Myslivec Czechoslovakia ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Cristian Mihail Neascu Romania ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ákos Németh-Buhin Hungary ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jeroen Nijhof Netherlands ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Nguyen Ninh Khang Vietnam ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Veikko Punkka Finland ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jens-Uwe Sachse German Democratic Republic ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jörg Schwelberger Austria ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Przemysław Siemion Poland ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Torbjörn Söderberg Sweden ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Harun Solak Turkey ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Håkan Svensson Sweden ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ralf Vendenhouten Germany ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Veli-Rekka Viitanen Finland ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jacek Wójcik Poland ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Phan Xuan Hai Vietnam ≥29 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
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