15th IPHO 1984

Country resultsIndividual results

Jan de Boer Netherlands 1 Gold Medal
Sorin Spânoche Romania 1 Gold Medal
Anton Yuriyevich Alekseyev Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ≥3 Gold Medal
Aleksander Dyeshkovskiy Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ≥3 Gold Medal
Gyula Fodor Hungary ≥3 Gold Medal
Jan Lužný Czechoslovakia ≥3 Gold Medal
Sergey Orlov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ≥3 Gold Medal
Dan Pirjol Romania ≥3 Gold Medal
Marius Vasiliu Romania ≥3 Gold Medal
Dirk Graudenz Germany ≥10 Silver Medal
Thomas Müller Germany ≥10 Silver Medal
Igor Potyeryayko Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ≥10 Silver Medal
Mihail Yotov Bulgaria ≥10 Silver Medal
Lev Zakshevskiy Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ≥10 Silver Medal
Klaus Becker Germany ≥15 Bronze Medal
Péter Csillag Hungary ≥15 Bronze Medal
James Durrant United Kingdom ≥15 Bronze Medal
László Erdős Hungary ≥15 Bronze Medal
József Frigó Hungary ≥15 Bronze Medal
Viktor Ivanov Bulgaria ≥15 Bronze Medal
Olaf Kalz German Democratic Republic ≥15 Bronze Medal
Cristian Mihail Neascu Romania ≥15 Bronze Medal
Dietmar Polster German Democratic Republic ≥15 Bronze Medal
Frank Robijn Netherlands ≥15 Bronze Medal
Viliam Schichman Czechoslovakia ≥15 Bronze Medal
Paul Shutler United Kingdom ≥15 Bronze Medal
Michael Skeide Germany ≥15 Bronze Medal
Vasil Spasov Bulgaria ≥15 Bronze Medal
Cristian Teodorescu Romania ≥15 Bronze Medal
Wojciech Zabołotny Poland ≥15 Bronze Medal
Gerard Barkema Netherlands ≥31 Honourable Mention
Jarosław Bogusz Poland ≥31 Honourable Mention
Wulf Böttger German Democratic Republic ≥31 Honourable Mention
Anders Eriksson Sweden ≥31 Honourable Mention
Gábor Fáth Hungary ≥31 Honourable Mention
David Griffith United Kingdom ≥31 Honourable Mention
Jyrki Kivinen Finland ≥31 Honourable Mention
Dagmar Kluvancová Czechoslovakia ≥31 Honourable Mention
Klaus Krischan Austria ≥31 Honourable Mention
Pieter Maris Netherlands ≥31 Honourable Mention
Josef Pelikán Czechoslovakia ≥31 Honourable Mention
Michael Ringe Germany ≥31 Honourable Mention
Ivan Sirakov Bulgaria ≥31 Honourable Mention
Patrik Španěl Czechoslovakia ≥31 Honourable Mention
Adam Strzeboński Poland ≥31 Honourable Mention
Menke Ubbens Netherlands ≥31 Honourable Mention
Matjaž Žitnik Yugoslavia ≥31 Honourable Mention
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