14th IPHO 1983

Country resultsIndividual results

Ivan Ivanov Bulgaria 1 Gold Medal
Remus Amilcar Ionescu Romania 2 Gold Medal
Vladimir Viktorovich Molchanov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 3 Gold Medal
Edmond Iancu Romania 4 Gold Medal
Andrey Georgiyevich Gnilovskoy Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 5 Gold Medal
Anton Yuriyevich Alekseyev Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 6 Gold Medal
Jaroslav Smejkal Czechoslovakia 7 Gold Medal
Mikhail Borisovich Dyachkov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 8 Silver Medal
Marius Goldenberg Romania 9 Silver Medal
Krzysztof Mnich Poland 10 Silver Medal
Erik Hakvoort Netherlands 11 Silver Medal
Paweł Jałocha Poland 12 Silver Medal
Roland Schultze Germany 13 Silver Medal
Thomas Kerler Germany 14 Silver Medal
Marius Vasiliu Romania 15 Silver Medal
Daniel Kluvanec Czechoslovakia 16 Silver Medal
Jean-Michel Courty France 17 Bronze Medal
Valdis Yurevich Birzvalks Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 18 Bronze Medal
Steffen Grossert German Democratic Republic 19 Bronze Medal
János Fent Hungary 20 Bronze Medal
Miklós Náray Hungary 21 Bronze Medal
Dorel Moldovan Romania 22 Bronze Medal
Darko Stefanovic Yugoslavia 23 Bronze Medal
Zbigniew Płuciennik Poland 24 Bronze Medal
Miloš Drutarovský Czechoslovakia 25 Bronze Medal
Ottó Árkossy Hungary 26 Bronze Medal
Béla Gyuricza Hungary 27 Bronze Medal
Nguyen Quang Son Vietnam 28 Bronze Medal
Andrea Hölschner Germany 29 Bronze Medal
Stoycho Ivanov Bulgaria 30 Bronze Medal
Robert Sandrock Germany 31 Bronze Medal
Wulf Böttger German Democratic Republic 32 Bronze Medal
Daniel Poloni Germany 33 Honourable Mention
Phan Thanh Hai Vietnam 34 Honourable Mention
Tran Hun Huan Vietnam 35 Honourable Mention
Zsolt Frei Hungary 36 Honourable Mention
Viktor Ivanov Bulgaria 37 Honourable Mention
Antero Hietamaki Finland 38 Honourable Mention
Ivo Koreň Czechoslovakia 39 Honourable Mention
Anders Eriksson Sweden 40 Honourable Mention
Roman Šášik Czechoslovakia 41 Honourable Mention
Klaus Aufinger Austria 42 Honourable Mention
Igor Herbert Yugoslavia 43 Honourable Mention
Michel Arboi France 44 Honourable Mention
Mans Henningson Sweden 45 Honourable Mention
Guillaume Aubin France 46 Honourable Mention
Jean Louis Dufour France 47 Honourable Mention
Lauri Pirttiaho Finland 48 Honourable Mention
Anders Lunblad Sweden 49 Honourable Mention
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