31st IPHO 2000

Country resultsIndividual results

Lu Ying People's Republic of China 1 Gold Medal
Christoph Keller Switzerland 2 Gold Medal
Xiao Jing People's Republic of China 3 Gold Medal
Alexei Vakhov Russia 4 Gold Medal
Chen Xiaosheng People's Republic of China 5 Gold Medal
Ákos Hegedűs Hungary 6 Gold Medal
M Arvind India 7 Gold Medal
Navneet Loiwal India 8 Gold Medal
Evgeni Panov Russia 9 Gold Medal
Song Junliang People's Republic of China 10 Gold Medal
Zhang Chi People's Republic of China 11 Gold Medal
Balázs Pozsgay Hungary 12 Gold Medal
Nikolay Pavlov Bulgaria 13 Gold Medal
Gregory Price United States of America 14 Silver Medal
Payam Seifi Islamic Republic of Iran 15 Silver Medal
Youngsub Yoon Republic of Korea 16 Silver Medal
Chan-Youn Park Republic of Korea 17 Silver Medal
Ehsan Ardestanizadeh Islamic Republic of Iran 18 Silver Medal
Jan Houštěk Czech Republic 19 Silver Medal
Pouyan Ghaemi Mohammadi Islamic Republic of Iran 20 Silver Medal
Sang-Geol Koh Republic of Korea 21 Silver Medal
Mikhail Rotaev Russia 22 Silver Medal
David Houseman Australia 23 Silver Medal
Vitali Vavilov Russia 24 Silver Medal
Halim Kusumaatmaja Indonesia 25 Bronze Medal
Jiří Chaloupka Czech Republic 26 Bronze Medal
Nipun Kwatra India 27 Bronze Medal
Roman Bakulin Ukraine 28 Bronze Medal
Anthony Miller United States of America 29 Bronze Medal
Gerald Cooray Sweden 30 Bronze Medal
Ismail Hasanov Azerbaijan 31 Bronze Medal
Abhineet Sawa India 32 Bronze Medal
Hsi-Chun Liu Taiwan 33 Bronze Medal
Yevgen Kovalyshen Ukraine 34 Bronze Medal
Jurgis Pasukonis Lithuania 35 Bronze Medal
Tran Viet Bac Vietnam 36 Bronze Medal
Michael Vrable United States of America 37 Bronze Medal
Andrew Ferris Australia 38 Bronze Medal
Jason Oh United States of America 39 Bronze Medal
Stevan Nadj-Perge Yugoslavia 40 Bronze Medal
András Mathé Hungary 41 Bronze Medal
Mahdieh Bagher Shemirani Islamic Republic of Iran 42 Bronze Medal
Kamiar Rahnama Rad Islamic Republic of Iran 43 Bronze Medal
Yoga Dvipayana Indonesia 44 Bronze Medal
Merse Előd Gáspár Hungary 45 Bronze Medal
Serguei Jouk Russia 46 Bronze Medal
Dao Anh Duc Vietnam 47 Bronze Medal
Jouttenus Teppo Finland 48 Bronze Medal
Edward Smith United Kingdom 49 Bronze Medal
Yang-Ting Chien Taiwan 50 Bronze Medal
Vu Ngoc Anh Vietnam 51 Bronze Medal
Stefan Pauliuk Germany 52 Bronze Medal
Vasyl Bilykh Ukraine 53 Bronze Medal
Tobias Fritz Germany 54 Bronze Medal
Bahar Riand Passa Indonesia 55 Bronze Medal
Carlo Castellana Italy 56 Bronze Medal
Henry Lockwood United Kingdom 57 Bronze Medal
Gergely Patay Hungary 58 Bronze Medal
Artyom Tonkikh Israel 59 Bronze Medal
Joseph Yu United States of America 60 Bronze Medal
Hoang Ngoc Thach Vietnam 61 Bronze Medal
Andrés Aceña Argentina 62 Bronze Medal
Stefan Salom Yugoslavia 63 Bronze Medal
Bremana Adhi Indonesia 64 Bronze Medal
Pim Altena Netherlands 65 Bronze Medal
Ng Wee Hao Singapore 66 Bronze Medal
Pavel Petrov Estonia 67 Honourable Mention
Przemysław Piotr Broniek Poland 68 Honourable Mention
Andrej Košmrlj Slovenia 69 Honourable Mention
Fethi Mübin Ramazanoğlu Turkey 70 Honourable Mention
Aliaksandr Mikhniuk Belarus 71 Honourable Mention
Lemmetty Mikko Finland 72 Honourable Mention
Yeong-Jyi Lei Taiwan 73 Honourable Mention
Juraj Suchar Slovakia 74 Honourable Mention
Igor Stamenov Yugoslavia 75 Honourable Mention
Andrew Thomas United Kingdom 76 Honourable Mention
Urmo Visk Estonia 77 Honourable Mention
Kyung Min Lee Republic of Korea 78 Honourable Mention
V Srikanth India 79 Honourable Mention
Stefan Ingi Valdimarsson Iceland 80 Honourable Mention
Eugen Gaburov Moldova 81 Honourable Mention
Ştefan Ichim Romania 82 Honourable Mention
Jonathan Tay Jianxiong Singapore 83 Honourable Mention
Tivadar Mach Italy 84 Honourable Mention
Toh Kai Yang Singapore 85 Honourable Mention
Matej Kanduč Slovenia 86 Honourable Mention
Duygu Kuzum Turkey 87 Honourable Mention
Keve Kurucz Slovakia 88 Honourable Mention
Danil Murtazin Kazakhstan 89 Honourable Mention
Chris Pedder United Kingdom 90 Honourable Mention
Plamen Bokov Bulgaria 91 Honourable Mention
Sebastian Höppner Germany 92 Honourable Mention
Maarten van der Schrieck Netherlands 93 Honourable Mention
Nguyen Trung Dung Vietnam 94 Honourable Mention
Dusko Kuzmanovski The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 95 Honourable Mention
Peter Cendula Slovakia 96 Honourable Mention
Iztok Pižorn Slovenia 97 Honourable Mention
Jan Kapitán Czech Republic 98 Honourable Mention
Anthony Phillips Australia 99 Honourable Mention
Frédéric Dupuis Canada 100 Honourable Mention
Denis Dmitriev Canada 101 Honourable Mention
Ian Preston Australia 102 Honourable Mention
Bakhtiyar Hadjiev Azerbaijan 103 Honourable Mention
Ruza Markov Yugoslavia 104 Honourable Mention
Ariel Lempel Argentina 105 Honourable Mention
Adrian Sauerbrey Germany 106 Honourable Mention
Iulian Sandu Popa Romania 107 Honourable Mention
Selma de Mink Netherlands 108 Honourable Mention
Nickolay Levkovich Belarus 109 Honourable Mention
Olena Ryabinina Ukraine 110 Honourable Mention
Raikhlin Vladimir Israel 111 Honourable Mention
Reynier Bravo Cuba 112 Honourable Mention
Victor Dedov Belarus 113 Honourable Mention
Brian Lim Youliang Singapore 114 Honourable Mention
Matthias Treier Switzerland 115 Honourable Mention
Katarina Petrovic Yugoslavia 116 Honourable Mention
Mikhail Yakutovich Belarus 117 Honourable Mention
Zainul Abidin Indonesia 118 Honourable Mention
Marco del Rey Spain 119 Honourable Mention
Jakub Maksymilian Gac Poland 120 Honourable Mention
Peter Molnar Slovakia 121 Honourable Mention
Piti Ongmongkolkul Thailand 122 Honourable Mention
Flyktman Jouni Finland 123 Honourable Mention
Amitai Zernik Israel 124 Honourable Mention
Adele Morrison Australia 125 Honourable Mention
Nadine Grosse Germany 126 Honourable Mention
Florin Ioniţă Romania 127 Honourable Mention
Jonathan Barmak Argentina 128 Honourable Mention
Nermin Alijagić Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥129
Belma Bosankić Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥129
Zoran Memić Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥129
Saša Stojanović Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥129
Zoran Popović Bosnia and Herzegovina ≥129
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