12nd IPHO 1981

Country resultsIndividual results

Contestant Country Rank Award Theoretical Experimental Total
Aleksander Gutin Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andreas Quirrenbach Germany 2 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bogdan Tudose Romania 3 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Iliya Solodovnikov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 4 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Manfred Lehn Germany 5 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Vladislav Derevyanko Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 6 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Wojciech Lerch Poland 7 Gold Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jean-François Puget France 8 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Milan Hanajík Czechoslovakia 9 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Petr Pavlík Czechoslovakia 10 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jürgen Gräfenstein German Democratic Republic 11 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andreas Klumper Germany 12 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Wojciech Kozubski Poland 13 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Adrian Mihai Devenyi Romania 14 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Sándor Palasik Hungary 15 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Andrey Mushinskiy Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 16 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Milen Penkov Bulgaria 17 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Rossen Varbanov Bulgaria 18 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Silviu Borac Romania 19 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jiří Matoušek Czechoslovakia 20 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Harald Anlauf Germany 21 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Torbjörn Ledin Sweden 22 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bořivoj Tydlitát Czechoslovakia 23 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Grzegorz Szamel Poland 24 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
János Tamás Pöltl Hungary 25 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Stefan Müller-Pfeiffer German Democratic Republic 26 Silver Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Grzegorz Majcher Poland 27 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dag Wedelin Sweden 28 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Erik Heinz German Democratic Republic 29 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Matjaž Kaluža Yugoslavia 30 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Paweł Trautman Poland 31 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ovidiu George Radulescu Romania 32 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Miroslav Abrashev Bulgaria 33 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Truong Ba Ha Vietnam 34 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Stefan Müller Germany 35 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
András Mogyorósi Hungary 36 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Horia Raul Radulescu Romania 37 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ferenc Glück Hungary 38 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dean Mozetič Yugoslavia 39 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Matti Airiksinen Finland 40 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Timo Rönkä Finland 41 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Anders Svensson Sweden 42 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Igor Shubyenin Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 43 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Timo Lattula Finland 44 Bronze Medal __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ralf Muschall German Democratic Republic 45 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ralph Huonker German Democratic Republic 46 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Philipe Rostand France 47 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Bjorn Ottersten Sweden 48 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Marc Battyani France 49 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jaakko Wegelius Finland 50 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Heikki Penttila Finland 51 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jean-Louis Barrat France 52 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Le Van Hoang Vietnam 53 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Petr Plechác Czechoslovakia 54 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Jan Carlsson Sweden 55 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tikhomir Khristov Bulgaria 56 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Dimitar Dimitrov Bulgaria 57 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Tomislav Grcanac Yugoslavia 58 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Vu Ngoc Tuoc Vietnam 59 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__
Ferenc Czakó Hungary 60 Honourable Mention __THEORETICAL__ __EXPERIMENTAL__ __TOTAL__

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