24th IPHO 1993

Country resultsIndividual results

Junan Zhang People's Republic of China 1 Gold Medal
Harald Pfeiffer Germany 1 Gold Medal
Linbo Li People's Republic of China 3 Gold Medal
Sándor Katz Hungary 4 Gold Medal
Calin Ciocarlie Romania 5 Gold Medal
Tomáš Kočka Czech Republic 6 Gold Medal
Roman Belenov Russia 7 Gold Medal
Iosif Bena Romania 8 Gold Medal
Vassili Larkin Russia 9 Gold Medal
Antonin Machacek United Kingdom 10 Gold Medal
Gábor Veres Hungary 11 Gold Medal
Salih Adem Turkey 12 Gold Medal
Jens Dean United States of America 13 Gold Medal
Martin Beneš Czech Republic 14 Gold Medal
Lajos Molnár Hungary 15 Gold Medal
Stepan Andreenko Russia 16 Gold Medal
Renat Jakupov Ukraine 17 Gold Medal
Alireza Shahidzadeh Islamic Republic of Iran 18 Gold Medal
Martin Kassabov Bulgaria 19 Silver Medal
Zhanfeng Jia People's Republic of China 20 Silver Medal
Yongjik Kim Republic of Korea 21 Silver Medal
Denis Chigirev Russia 22 Silver Medal
Thomas Dent United Kingdom 23 Silver Medal
Anatoli Olkhovets Ukraine 24 Silver Medal
Carsten Geckeler Germany 25 Silver Medal
Milos Gaj Slovakia 26 Silver Medal
Oleg Shpirko Ukraine 27 Silver Medal
Christian Fleischhack Germany 28 Silver Medal
Jiří Vaníček Czech Republic 29 Silver Medal
Jaromír Fiurášek Czech Republic 30 Silver Medal
Tao Wei People's Republic of China 31 Silver Medal
Robin Morris United Kingdom 32 Silver Medal
Daniel Schepler United States of America 33 Silver Medal
Denis Kislovsky Russia 34 Silver Medal
Egidijus Anisimovas Lithuania 35 Bronze Medal
Reimar Finken Germany 36 Bronze Medal
Akshay Venkatesh Australia 37 Bronze Medal
Emanuel Tutuc Romania 38 Bronze Medal
Oki Gunawan Indonesia 39 Bronze Medal
Gregor Veble Slovenia 40 Bronze Medal
Ilia Vassilev Bulgaria 41 Bronze Medal
Milos Volauf Slovakia 42 Bronze Medal
James Anderson United Kingdom 43 Bronze Medal
Péter Urbán Hungary 44 Bronze Medal
Andrei Alexandru Romania 45 Bronze Medal
Sinan Arslan Turkey 46 Bronze Medal
Erwin Portuondo Campa Cuba 47 Bronze Medal
Chee We Ng Singapore 48 Bronze Medal
Hal J. Burch United States of America 49 Bronze Medal
Zhining Huang People's Republic of China 50 Bronze Medal
Marco Galimberti Italy 51 Bronze Medal
Ioannis Vetsikas Greece 52 Bronze Medal
Bojan Gornik Slovenia 53 Bronze Medal
Yoo Chul Chung Republic of Korea 54 Bronze Medal
Andras Major Germany 55 Bronze Medal
Robert Kry Canada 56 Bronze Medal
Erik Larsson Sweden 57 Bronze Medal
Iacopo Carusotto Italy 58 Bronze Medal
Xiao-Dong Yang Canada 59 Bronze Medal
Jurgen Hissen Canada 60 Bronze Medal
Frank Van Lankvelt Netherlands 61 Bronze Medal
Thanh Minh Thai Vietnam 62 Bronze Medal
Dmitri Linde United States of America 63 Bronze Medal
Alexey Kvitsinski Ukraine 64 Bronze Medal
Yong-il Shin Republic of Korea 65 Bronze Medal
Jan-Alexander Heimel Netherlands 66 Bronze Medal
Mehdi Yahya Yahyanejad Islamic Republic of Iran 67 Bronze Medal
David Weickhardt Australia 68 Honourable Mention
Adrian Muresan Romania 69 Honourable Mention
Simon Burton Australia 70 Honourable Mention
Ivan Daikov Bulgaria 71 Honourable Mention
Paul Mitchener United Kingdom 72 Honourable Mention
Kamil Budinsky Slovakia 73 Honourable Mention
Chang Shih Chan United States of America 74 Honourable Mention
Şeref Burak Özaydemir Turkey 75 Honourable Mention
Mariusz Szyposzyński Poland 76 Honourable Mention
Anton Darmenov Bulgaria 77 Honourable Mention
Mehmet Burak Yılmaz Turkey 78 Honourable Mention
Andrea Montanari Italy 79 Honourable Mention
Slaven Garaj Croatia 80 Honourable Mention
Jarosław Potiuk Poland 81 Honourable Mention
Nathaniel Kuang Chern Ng Singapore 82 Honourable Mention
Boyko Zlatev Bulgaria 83 Honourable Mention
Marco Van Leeuwen Netherlands 84 Honourable Mention
Jemmy Wijaya Indonesia 85 Honourable Mention
Jaehyuk Choi Republic of Korea 86 Honourable Mention
Paul Tupper Canada 87 Honourable Mention
Marko Karlusic Croatia 88 Honourable Mention
David Por Bragason Iceland 89 Honourable Mention
Ewald Roessl Austria 90 Honourable Mention
Daniel Svenšek Slovenia 91 Honourable Mention
Damir Pajic Croatia 92 Honourable Mention
Taner Akbaş Turkey 93 Honourable Mention
Quang Long Ngo Vietnam 94 Honourable Mention
Khoong Hong Khoo Singapore 95 Honourable Mention
Miglius Alaburda Lithuania 96 Honourable Mention
Sirisin Janrunguatai Thailand 97 Honourable Mention
András Gefferth Hungary 98 Honourable Mention
John Fitzgerald Australia 99 Honourable Mention
Daniel Průša Czech Republic 100 Honourable Mention
Christian Pfaffel Austria 101 Honourable Mention
Franz Diwoky Austria 102 Honourable Mention
Andrzej Komisarski Poland 103 Honourable Mention
Hans Bornefalk Sweden 104 Honourable Mention
Kang Looi Choo Singapore 105 Honourable Mention
Rahim Bagheri Islamic Republic of Iran 106 Honourable Mention
Alireza Nujeh Islamic Republic of Iran 107 Honourable Mention
Saviz Saffarian Islamic Republic of Iran 108 Honourable Mention
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