4th IPHO 1970

Country resultsIndividual results

Mikhail Voloshin Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1 Gold Medal
Sergey Gorbachevskiy Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 2 Gold Medal
Borys Petrov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 3 Gold Medal
Marek Ziółkowski Poland 4 Gold Medal
Manfred Fischer German Democratic Republic 5 Silver Medal
Antonije R. Djordjevic Yugoslavia 6 Silver Medal
Igor Luksyutov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 7 Silver Medal
András Keresztúri Hungary 8 Silver Medal
Jan Oficjalski Poland 9 Silver Medal
Igor Bulyzhenkov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 10 Silver Medal
Pál Ormos Hungary 11 Silver Medal
Miroslav Handl Czechoslovakia 12 Bronze Medal
András Nagy Hungary 13 Bronze Medal
Vladimír Černý Czechoslovakia 14 Bronze Medal
Vojtěch Hanzal Czechoslovakia 15 Bronze Medal
Vladimir Kravcov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 16 Bronze Medal
Jaroslav Kučera Czechoslovakia 17 Bronze Medal
Václav Novotný Czechoslovakia 18 Bronze Medal
Dragosz Felie Romania 19 Bronze Medal
Florin Curcudeu Romania 20 Bronze Medal
Octavian Sima Romania 21 Bronze Medal
Antoni Cieniek Poland 22 Honourable Mention
Kornél Sailer Hungary 23 Honourable Mention
Jon Apostol Romania 24 Honourable Mention
Arkadiusz Rydel Poland 25 Honourable Mention
Stanisław Chyrczakowski Poland 26 Honourable Mention
Manfred Krzikalla German Democratic Republic 27 Honourable Mention
Władysław Majewski Poland 28 Honourable Mention
Ivo Nachev Bulgaria 29 Honourable Mention
Aleksander Zavalevski Yugoslavia 30 Honourable Mention
Ognyan Nikolov Bulgaria 31 Honourable Mention
Oliver Dżurić Yugoslavia 32 Honourable Mention
Branko Dolenc Yugoslavia 33 Honourable Mention
Michael Josch German Democratic Republic 34 Honourable Mention
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