3rd IPHO 1969

Country resultsIndividual results

Mojmír Šob Czechoslovakia 1 Gold Medal
Péter Maróti Hungary 2 Gold Medal
Wolfgang Pils German Democratic Republic 3 Gold Medal
Vladimír Černý Czechoslovakia 4 Gold Medal
Andrey Klimov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 5 Gold Medal
Antonije R. Djordjevic Yugoslavia 6 Gold Medal
František Komín Czechoslovakia 7 Gold Medal
József Spitzer Hungary 8 Gold Medal
Vladimir Gavrilenko Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 9 Gold Medal
Petre Dan Romania 10 Gold Medal
Péter Kálmán Hungary 11 Gold Medal
Marin D. Mitov Bulgaria 12 Gold Medal
Aleksey Chernoutsan Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 13 Gold Medal
Klementz Müller German Democratic Republic 14 Silver Medal
Karel Šafařík Czechoslovakia 15 Silver Medal
Emery Sokatchev Bulgaria 16 Silver Medal
Vladimir Merkulov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 17 Silver Medal
Przemysław Prusinkiewicz Poland 18 Silver Medal
László Andor Hungary 19 Silver Medal
Juraj Šafařík Czechoslovakia 20 Silver Medal
Antal Jevicki Yugoslavia 21 Silver Medal
Jan Oficjalski Poland 22 Silver Medal
Péter Horváthy Hungary 23 Silver Medal
Joachim Loose German Democratic Republic 24 Bronze Medal
Juliusz Poltz Poland 25 Bronze Medal
Zdravke Pribar Yugoslavia 26 Bronze Medal
Kraso Tisaj Yugoslavia 27 Bronze Medal
Joachim Bergmann German Democratic Republic 28 Bronze Medal
Miroslav Doresić Yugoslavia 29 Bronze Medal
Isak Bivas Bulgaria 30 Bronze Medal
Sorin Meskes Romania 31 Bronze Medal
Nikolay Kondratyev Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 32 Bronze Medal
Michael Josch German Democratic Republic 33 Honourable Mention
Dimitar Danov Bulgaria 34 Honourable Mention
Svilen Bidikov Bulgaria 35 Honourable Mention
Feliks Przytycki Poland 36 Honourable Mention
Victor Birman Romania 37 Honourable Mention
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