17th IPHO 1986

Country resultsIndividual results

Oleg Volkov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1 Gold Medal
Sergey Myachilov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 2 Gold Medal
Ciprian Necula Romania 3 Gold Medal
Andrey Matychin Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 4 Gold Medal
Matthew Pearlman United Kingdom 5 Silver Medal
Andrey Gushchin Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 6 Silver Medal
Alec Maassen van den Brink Netherlands 7 Silver Medal
Andrei Bot Romania 8 Silver Medal
Lin Chen People's Republic of China 9 Silver Medal
Zoltán Kántor Hungary 10 Bronze Medal
Jacek Wójcik Poland 11 Bronze Medal
Bastiaan V. de Bakker Netherlands 12 Bronze Medal
Daniel Vrinceanu Romania 13 Bronze Medal
Antal Jakovác Hungary 14 Bronze Medal
Pavol Kolník Czechoslovakia 15 Bronze Medal
Tomáš Ledvinka Czechoslovakia 16 Bronze Medal
Peter Schupp Germany 17 Bronze Medal
Paul Graham United States of America 18 Bronze Medal
Matthias Ketzel German Democratic Republic 19 Bronze Medal
Zoltan Gagyi-Palffy Romania 20 Bronze Medal
Wei Xing People's Republic of China 21 Bronze Medal
Martin Andrews United Kingdom 22 Bronze Medal
Joachim Schüth Germany 23 Bronze Medal
András Kaiser Hungary 24 Bronze Medal
Joshua Zucker United States of America 25 Bronze Medal
Felix Finster Germany 26 Bronze Medal
Philip Mauskopf United States of America 27 Bronze Medal
Grigory Nikolaishvili Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 28 Bronze Medal
Dominic Joyce United Kingdom 29 Bronze Medal
Witold Skiba Poland 30 Bronze Medal
Deniz Ertaş Turkey 31 Bronze Medal
Jeroen Nijhof Netherlands 32 Honourable Mention
Zang Ming People's Republic of China 33 Honourable Mention
Przemysław Siemion Poland 34 Honourable Mention
Pavel Peev Bulgaria 35 Honourable Mention
Frank Klemm German Democratic Republic 36 Honourable Mention
Alain Verberkmoes Netherlands 37 Honourable Mention
Thomas Klotz German Democratic Republic 38 Honourable Mention
András Leitereg Hungary 39 Honourable Mention
Daniel Aarvold United Kingdom 40 Honourable Mention
Kay Jörg Wiese Germany 41 Honourable Mention
Radek Adamec Czechoslovakia 42 Honourable Mention
Michael Hoffmann German Democratic Republic 43 Honourable Mention
Hermann Held Germany 44 Honourable Mention
Kalle Åström Sweden 45 Honourable Mention
Stephan Marksteiner Austria 46 Honourable Mention
Piotr Jastrzębski Poland 47 Honourable Mention
Lotte Beskow Sweden 48 Honourable Mention
Tamás Tasnádi Hungary 49 Honourable Mention
Daniel Phalp Canada 50 Honourable Mention
Nicolas Craig-Wood United Kingdom 51 Honourable Mention
Sonu Gaind Canada 52 Honourable Mention
Dobrin Bossev Bulgaria 53 Honourable Mention
Robert Chrzan Poland 54 Honourable Mention
Bogdan Vulpescu Romania 55 Honourable Mention
Jorma Laaksonen Finland 56 Honourable Mention
Nikolay Mechkov Bulgaria 57 Honourable Mention
Stanislav Meduna Czechoslovakia 58 Honourable Mention
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